3mm Carving Tools – DiamondCore Tools
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3mm Carving Tools

Create clean 3mm grooves on your pottery pieces with these clay carving tools from DiamondCore Tools.


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6-Piece Essentials Ceramic Carving Tools Set
4-Piece Curved Blade Square Tip Set
4-Piece Curved Blade U Tip Set
3-Piece Fine Point Carving Tool Set
P4 Fluting Tools Set
X5 3 mm U Fluting Tool
X3 3 mm Square Fluting Tool
Fine Point U Tip Carving Tool
Straight Square Tip 3 mm Carving Tool
P15 Curved Square Tip 3 mm Carving Tool
P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool
Straight U Tip 3 mm Carving Tool
P14 Curved U Tip 3 mm Carving Tool
P9 Slim Reach U Tip 4 mm Carving Tool