The CINK: Take Your Pottery Studio to the Next Level In 2023

All pottery artists know the struggle of washing their pottery tools while preventing their sink drains from clogging. Clay-clogged drains are messy, annoying and potentially costly. Clay in the drain will build up and harden, causing expensive plumbing issues that will put a dent in your wallet and bring your pottery production to a halt. 

You should be focused on throwing clay on your pottery wheel and having handbuilding fun in the studio, not clean-up and plumbing issues. That’s why we created The CINK to prevent clay-clogged drains and make it easy to clean up, conserve water and recycle clay, ultimately saving you time and money!


How The CINK works

The CINK collects clay and recirculates water with ease and no mess with the buckets in place below the sink. It features a four-stage clay filtration system down to 1 micron and an on/off pump with an adjustable spray nozzle. There’s no need to connect The CINK to a water or plumbing system since it has a self-contained water tank. 

Our DiamondCore® CINK is made of restaurant-quality stainless steel and has multidirectional wheels with locking casters so you can move The CINK where you need it in your studio. You’ll wonder how you completed ceramic projects before The CINK! 

See The CINK in action here:



“If like many potters you are mindful of your carbon footprint, this is your best foot forward. I love my Cink.

I live in Cali and being in a constant state of drought being able to reuse water so easily is really great. I also did not have a sink deep enough and equipped with a shower head so in terms of cleanup and work surface it is very practical.

I love the team at DiamondCore, great customer experience.”

~ Ariane P. J.

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If you have questions about The CINK, we’re eager to help! Leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram and ready to assist!

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