Our Favorite Sgraffito Tools and Techniques

Sgraffito is one of our favorite pottery design techniques here at DiamondCore® Tools! The term “sgraffito” is derived from an Italian word meaning “to scratch.” To create a sgraffito design, you apply two or more layers of contrasting slip or glaze to a piece of pottery then scratch the surface with a sgraffito tool to reveal the layers of color underneath.

First, the layers of slip or glaze are applied to an unfired, leather-hard piece of pottery. Then, after the first layer is dry, a second layer is applied in a different color. Ceramic artists often carve images or patterns into their pottery using the sgraffito technique, creating unique and innovative pieces. The right sgraffito tools, an artistic vision and a little patience are all you need to produce  stunning works of art!

Take a look at how our NEW FP4 Fine Point Javelin Carving Tool is used to carve sgraffito designs with incredibly fine lines! The artist also used our L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool to add their name to the bottom of the mug. 


This artist has been using our Diamond Stylus Tool for three years! See how it easily cuts through the first layer to show the white underneath with the classic sgraffito technique!


Using sgraffito tools, you’re able to add more dimension to your pottery than  before. See how this artist gets this effect by using our P5 Curved Square Tip 9 mm Carving Tool, aka Relief Carver!


This awesome sgraffito example shows how you can carve away a lot of the excess slip and glaze to get a reverse sgraffito effect by showing more of the initial pottery color versus the slip and glaze.  


Other colors can be used to get a different effect with your sgraffito technique, as well. Check out this beautiful wheel-thrown mug as an example!


You can see why the sgraffito technique is one of our favorites. The creativity and artistry on display knows no bounds! Our sgraffito tools have been crafted to be the best option for this design technique! Plus, our new line of Fine Point Carving Tools gives you nine choices to get the exact effect you’re looking for. Remember to share your latest sgraffito designs on Facebook and Instagram and tag us so we can see what great things you’ve been working on. 

If you have any questions when it comes to choosing the right pottery tools for your project, we’re here to help! Leave a comment this blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram

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