Pottery Tools Every Artist Needs in the New Year

As we enter the new year, there's no better time to explore the best pottery tools guaranteed to transform your pottery endeavors.

From the fundamental tools that mark the starting point of artistic exploration to the professional-grade instruments that define big league pottery, we'll delve into each aspect and unveil how DiamondCore® Tools can make you an MVP — Most Valuable Potter — in 2024. 

The DiamondCore® Tools Collection

DiamondCore® Tools has products for every artistic level. Find the perfect ceramics tools for your collection and elevate the way you create pottery in the coming months. 

Entry-Level DiamondCore® Tools

For those venturing into the world of sculpting and molding with precision, that starting point can now begin with the essential entry-level collection from DiamondCore® Tools

These pottery tools serve as a foundation for artists, offering a reliable and innovative collection that will begin to shape your new pottery projects. At DiamondCore® Tools, we’re known for our quality and durability, as well as the transformative possibilities our tools bring to you as an artist. 

It's not just about collecting tools; it's about building a toolkit that you can trust project after project.

P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool

The P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool is one of our most trusted pottery tools. It has DiamondCore® advanced-blade technology, which prevents the blade from dulling and makes it easy to create crisp, clean lines. 

Create sgraffito or Mishima projects, or keep your pottery process simple by carving and sculpting the clay. 

The sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces hand fatigue so you can continue perfecting your craft. 



T1 Half Dome Pottery Trimming Tool w/Paddle Handle 

Trimming your clay is an important part of the pottery process. DiamondCore’s T1 Half Dome Pottery Trimming Tool with Paddle Handle helps you easily transition from curved round corners to corner cut carving. 

The sharp, stainless steel blade offers high-performance pottery wheel trimming, which helps shave off thin, clay ribbons from your project. This trimming tool is also excellent for carving, shaving, sculpting and scraping.



Entry-Level Tools Set

Entry-Level Set

Don’t have any of the essentials? Our team at DiamondCore® Tools created this must-have 11-piece Entry-Level Tools Set for beginners! It serves as an introduction to some of our most popular products. 

Intermediate Pottery Essentials

Take your pottery creations to new heights with the intermediate collection from DiamondCore® Tools. Designed to meet the diverse needs of ceramic artists, these tools take your craftsmanship to the next level. 

From specialized sgraffito stylus tools that add intricate details to your creations to wood ribs that perfect the form, each prodcut in this collection is crafted with care and innovation. 

With DiamondCore® pottery tools in your collection, you can begin sculpting your way to artistic excellence.

L3 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool w/Small Football and Large Football

The L3 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool has a 1.7 mm diameter diamond “football” tip on one end of the tool and a 2.5 mm diamond “football” tip on the other. This is one of the best tools on the market for fine sgraffito detailing on bone-dry clay. 

The pencil-like handle allows for freehand carving, which artists love. You can effortlessly detail your next ceramic project with this must-have stylus tool. 



Wood Rib 50 mm

DiamondCore’s Wood Rib 50 mm is a small-yet-mighty pottery accessory that you need in your collection. While throwing on the wheel, it allows you to reach into smaller openings and extend the walls of your vessel. 

Open the clay on the wheel after centering it, shape and stabilize your wheel-thrown ceramics, remove excess clay from your piece, smooth out surfaces, and scrape edges for a cleaner, more refined style. 

The wood rib’s comfortable size fits nicely between your thumb and fingers, making it easy to hold from any angle. 

Intermediate Tools Set

Intermediate Tools Set

If you’re diving into ceramic artistry, the Intermediate Tools Set is the perfect addition to your pottery collection. This 16-piece set includes artist-favorite tools that can elevate your work. 

Advanced Pottery Tools

When the time comes to delve deeper into the world of ceramic arts and take your craft to an even higher level, try DiamondCore’s advanced pottery tools collection

These tools offer precision and quality.  From wheel-throwing essentials to hand-carving necessities, these seriously good pottery tools will transform your ceramic works of art.

FP2 Fine Point Arrow Carving Tool

The arrow-shaped blade of the FP2 Fine Point Arrow Carving Tool is the perfect choice for carving in multiple directions and angles in a tight space. 

You can effortlessly create crisp, clean, fine lines with the tip of the blade, and, with a slight turn of the carving tool, you can create wider lines with the side of the blade.



X3 3 mm Square Fluting Tool

Add beautifully burnished, carved grooves to your pieces with the X3 3 mm Square Fluting Tool. This tool creates a distinct 3 mm plane at the center of the carve, in addition to convex sidewalls as you pull it through the clay. 

The fluting tool effortlessly responds to your hand’s pressure, ensuring precise material removal as you carve. 

Each X-series fluting tool comes with an extra blade so there’s never downtime in your pottery studio. 



Advanced Tools Set

Advanced Tools Set

The Advanced Tools Set can take artists to the heights of their pottery-making endeavors. This 18-piece set is an incredible addition to any tool collection, giving ceramic artists even more choices when it comes to the techniques they can use. 

Professional-Level Seasoned Tools

Step up your pottery game and step into the major league of ceramic arts with DiamondCore's professional-grade tools. 

Precision-engineered and crafted with the expertise of seasoned potters in mind, DiamondCore® Tools ensures a seamless transition to professional-level artistry. Experience the transformation of your artistic vision into a league of its own.

P27 Straight Slope Relief-Carving Tool

The P27 Straight Slope Relief-Carving Tool will help you to dive into the small spaces and create beautiful edges in your ceramic art. The unique shape of the blade is excellent for effortlessly and effectively blending surfaces and designs. 

Carve faster and deeper with this incredible relief carver that resists breaking and rusting. 

Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool

DiamondCore Tools’ Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool is the all-in-one tool that your collection is missing. Simplify and enhance your work with a tool that includes a pottery knife, needle tool, scoring tool, precision blade, mini-wrench, cutting guide and #1 Phillips screwdriver.

Whether you’re hand-building or wheel-throwing your ceramic creations, the Bird of Paradise Multi-Tool is an excellent way to enhance your pottery-making process.

Seasoned Tools Set

Seasoned Tools Set

When you’re at the top of your pottery game, it’s time to advance to the Seasoned Tools Set

This 23-piece set includes the must-have tools and accessories that any professional artist needs at their fingertips. Try these best-selling products and see the creative heights you can reach. 

Try DiamondCore® Tools for Yourself

If you have any questions about what skill-level set to start with, we’re here to help. Leave a comment or get in touch with our team on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you create with your DiamondCore tools!

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