Pottery Feet- and Handle-Making Tools

There are lots of ways to make handles and feet for your ceramics pieces, but DiamondCore® Tools has changed the game with our line of handheld clay extruders! With these incredible tools you can quickly create clean and beautiful accents for your ceramic pieces. In just three steps, you can produce feet for slab-built platters, dishes or plates, as well as handles for mugs, pitchers and other vessels. Just slice, cut and attach!

Classic and Unique Shapes for Pottery Handles and Feet

The DiamondCore® Tools R Series includes 18 pottery tools specially designed for making handles and feet.  Choose from classic shapes or go for more unique blades that can give you a different look and texture for your ceramic projects. Artists love that with DiamondCore®, they have the opportunity to create new handles and feet for their ceramics that they haven’t been able to before. Our blades never dull, allowing you to create batches of work with ease!


Clay Extruders — Customer Favorites

Clay Extruder










The R9 Handheld Clay Extruder is one of our customer favorites! The stainless steel blade cuts through clay easily and effortlessly. Create double-rounded handle shapes that are perfect for dishes, platters, plates, mugs, pitchers and anything else that you can create. 

This clay extruder is such a cool idea! Not only can I make a handle so much more easily than the traditional way, but I also use this tool to create decorative ribbons on my work. If you get creative with it it doesn't just have to be used for making handles! It also cuts through the clay so satisfyingly easily. Jessica

Clay Extruder











Our R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder is another customer favorite. This unique shape creates clean and crisp handles every time. Plus, each tool has an adjustable depth ski, allowing you to control the thickness of the cut. 

So happy with my first order from DiamondCore Tools. Order process was smooth with timely delivery. It works like a charm. Lots of handles in minimal time - now everything needs a handle! Traditional, strap handle, etc. lol Gives your handles a great professional appearance. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed! —Adruenne

If you’re struggling to decide which of the 18 feet and handle making tools will be best for you, take a look at our clay extruder sets and bundles. We’ve put together signature, classic, decorative, fancy, square and ornate shapes that will help you to decide how you want to create your pottery feet and handles. 

Clay Extruders










Our Decorative Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set is one of our popular choices, and for good reason! Each tool has a blade that can pull through a slab of clay easily, creating a variety of precise shapes. This set comes with the R7 Single Line, R8 Double Line and R9 Double Round Handheld Clay Extruders

My set of handle extruders came today and they are so awesome! They are beautiful to look at with their sexy zebra wood handles. You know how you can tell quality right out of the box when you buy a new tool? Well, this is it! I can't wait to get to the studio and try them out😍—Patricia

DiamondCore’s Fancy Shapes Handheld Clay Extruder Set is another one of our customer favorites! This set will allow you to elevate your pottery making game, taking it to the next level. This set includes the R10 Triple Round, R11 Cloud and the R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruders

I love this set of extruders. They make beautiful handles. You can adjust the height, and with the 3 patterns now have so many options. Test it a couple times to get your desired depth, and the feel of the tool. Makes wonderful, crisp handles. —Wendy

Learn More About DiamondCore® Handheld Clay Extruders

Customers continue to boast about the quality of DiamondCore® Tools! It’s important to us that you are getting the best tools possible to accomplish your ceramic goals. This is why we always value creating pottery tools that will have less strain on your hands as you work and that will effortlessly cut through clay. You’ll quickly be able to see why DiamondCore® Tools are the best pottery tools on the market!

Learn more about our R Series Handheld Clay Extruders in the video below. You’ll be able to see how each tool gives you its own unique cut, how to use our DiamondCore® clay extruders and which tool(s) you’ll want to add to your pottery tool collection! 

 If you have any questions about choosing the right pottery tools for your project, we’re here to help! Leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram!

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