Everything You Need to Know About Pottery Fluting Tools

If you’re interested in creating quilt-like textures or unique, one-of-a-kind lines and patterns in your projects, look no further. DiamondCore’s fluting tools can elevate the way you work in your pottery studio.  

What is a Pottery Fluting Tool?

A fluting tool is a pottery tool designed to help you create crisp, convex lines in clay easily. As you apply pressure, the stainless steel DiamondCore® blade flexes, giving you control over the exact depth and shape of the groove, whether you’re creating straight or curved lines.

The  DiamondCore® X Series of fluting tools was designed to stretch your pottery-making skills, allowing you to create smooth grooves on mugs, vases, platters, luminaries and more. 

This video walks you through using our X Series tools:

  • Hold the handle at a low angle and pull the blade into the clay.
  • Once the blade is in the clay, apply downward pressure for maximum depth and consistent line.
  • With practice, you can use the blade’s flex to taper the ends of the groove.

Benefits of DiamondCore® Fluting Tools

Our fluting tools help you carve consistent deep or shallow lines in the clay of your ceramic project. No matter how much pressure you apply, the blade will not go deeper into the clay.

You can carve faster with this unique fluting technique while leaving behind little to no burs or debris. Plus, the DiamondCore® stainless steel blade never dulls, allowing you to increase efficiency in your pottery studio while reducing hand fatigue. Should you accidentally damage your fluting tool blade, just swap it with the free replacement blade that comes with every new X Series tool.

Aside from perfectly carving into your clay creations, our fluting tools are also excellent when working with soft wax and soap. 

Find the Right Fluting Tool for You

Finding the right tool for your artistic projects doesn’t have to be difficult.

Our nine X Series fluting tools can help you carve shallow or deep shapes depending on the look that you’re going for. 

Choose from the following tools: 

  • X1: Buttery-smooth 12 mm wide lines with convex sidewalls and V-shaped valleys and endpoints.
  • X2: Create clean, convex sidewalls and U-shaped valleys and endpoints.
  • X3: The X3 3 mm plane at the center of the line is accompanied by convex sidewalls.
  • X4: Create a precise 1 mm plane at the center of the line, complemented by convex sidewalls.
  • X5: Our X5 fluting tool is a blade in a U shape that offers a 3 mm groove at the base of convex sidewalls and U-shaped endpoints.
  • X6: We designed the X6 to create smooth 12 mm-wide lines with curved V-shaped valleys. 
  • X7: Use the X7 to create 6 mm-wide lines with convex sidewalls and square valleys and endpoints.
  • X8: Create crisp 12 mm-wide lines with convex sidewalls and a double U groove in the valley of the cut.
  • X9: DiamondCore’s X9 offers smooth, 12 mm-wide lines with convex sidewalls, and a double V groove in the valley of the cut.

Or, get them all to complete the collection with the Fluting Tools Diamond Set!



This photo from @lilliecharm showcases DiamondCore’s X1, X2 and X3 clay fluting tools.

See Our Fluting Tools in Action

Catching our X Series fluting tools in action can help you choose the right tool for your next project. See for yourself how our team and community are using them to elevate their projects.



In this DiamondCore® livestream, we walk you through the comparison of grooves made with our X Series set. 



@eun.pottery shows off the clean, intricate details these pottery tools can help you accomplish. 



There truly is no need to keep a crumb clean-up sponge handy when you have these tools in your studio. See how @jenniferspringceramics creates this stunning vase.



We’re obsessed with these buttery-smooth walls and carvings from @mogrizzles

Try DiamondCore® Fluting Tools for Yourself

DiamondCore® Tools X Series Fluting Tools are designed to help you level up your pottery-making game. With pencil-like handles, you can easily carve into clay or more exactly as you desire. 

Try them for yourself to begin designing new textures and patterns. 

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