DiamondCore® Tools: Meet our New Wood Rib Series of Tools

At DiamondCore® Tools, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality carving, trimming, extruding, grinding and sanding tools for all ceramic artists. Whether you’re just starting your pottery journey or have been working with clay for years, our new wood rib series of pottery tools will make a noticeable difference in your ceramic work! Let’s look at the tools that will take your pottery to the next level. 

Why did DiamondCore® Tools Create Wood Ribs? 

Wood ribs are one of the essential pottery tools that you need in your collection. You can use wood ribs to smooth, burnish, shape and finish all pottery pieces. Other wood ribs on the market are slightly rounded or square, limiting the way you can work with clay while being built with cheaper wood finishes. 

At DiamondCore® Tools, we designed our wood ribs to be a natural extension of your hand. This design allows you to use the rounded, straight or slanted edges of the rib to perfectly form your clay. In addition to being made with high-quality wood, we’ve added engraved patterns on both sides of the ribs to provide a superior grip, even while working with wet clay.  

DCT Wood Ribs

Each of our wood ribs is crafted with beautifully oiled hardwood, making it easier for you to open clay on the wheel, elongate narrow vessels, remove clay or meet your all-around throwing needs. DiamondCore® Tools Wood Ribs range in sizes from 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm, allowing you to create all shapes and sizes of ceramic work. 

See how our new wood rib series of tools can make a difference for your pottery projects in the videos below! 





Shop Our Wood Rib Series of Tools

We’ve created a variety of wood ribs in different shapes and sizes to allow you to find the right tool for your pottery projects. Each set combines two or all three of our DiamondCore® Wood Ribs, helping you get the exact tool you need. Or, you can individually purchase our Wood Ribs to achieve your pottery-making goals. We’re excited for you to try our new Wood Rib series for yourself! 

DiamondCore Tools Wood Ribs

If you have questions about choosing the right wood ribs for your next project, we’re here to help! Leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email or get in touch with our team on social media — we’re on Facebook and Instagram and can’t wait to help!

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