DiamondCore® Tools: Livestream Round-Up

At DiamondCore® Tools, we’re always looking for fun new ways to showcase our favorite pottery, glass and lapidary tools! We’ve been going live on Instagram at 11 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesdays to show you how to use our tools, announce the newest tool releases and even share promo codes that you can use on your next order. Let’s review some of our latest livestream demos below! 

Halloween Designs

We’re scaring up some cool little spiders in this livestream! You’ll love gaining some Halloween inspiration from this demo and seeing some different ways that our  DiamondCore® Tools can be used to create these eight-legged cuties.. 

Watch our R18 extruder, small metal rib and other pottery tools in action in the livestream replay here!


Creepy Creatures – Arc Carving Metal Rib

One of our spooky designs for October featured carved creatures and our Arc Carving Metal Rib! If you’ve wanted to design some creepy critters on your ceramics this month, we have you covered with how to do it! See how our Arc Carving Metal Rib can help you to get it done right. 

Watch our livestream replay to learn how to create a spooky design in your clay.  


Ceramic Pumpkin Jar

With the change to the spooky season, our creativity has been sparking ceramic art that we want to share! We carved a ceramic pumpkin jar (or perhaps a luminary) a few weeks ago that featured some of our favorite DiamondCore® Tools! 

See how we created the jar in the replay of our livestream! 


X Series Fluting Tools

The X Series Fluting Tools have blades that cut through clay like butter. These tools can help stretch your creative skills by allowing you to create a variety of clean, convex sidewalls in your straight or curved lines.. 

Check out how you can use our X Series Fluting Tools to create beautiful patterns in the demo replay below! 


Finger Brushes

Our new Finger Brushes have been flying off the shelves since they were first released. Our Finger Brushes attach to your finger or pottery tool so that you don’t have to pick up another brush to sweep away clay crumbs. 

See our Finger Brushes — with rough, medium and fine bristles — in action with our livestream replay!


Spiral Bands

See how our Spiral Bands can get inside small, curved spots in your pottery, glass or lapidary projects to sand them smoothly. You’ll love how easily these bands will add a professional finishing touch to your work! 

Watch our Spiral Bands smoothing a bowl, small dish and more  in our livestream replay! 


Livestream Schedule

Watch for the LIVE icon at 11 a.m. PT on Tuesdays, when we showcase our favorite DiamondCore® Tools on our Instagram account in a livestream! We love to create unique pieces with our bestselling pottery tools and to share that experience with you. Follow us to ensure you won’t miss out on the next demonstration — and feel free to ask questions or leave comments before, during or after the livestream.! 

If you recreate a design from one of our livestreams, give us a link to check out your work in the comments below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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