DiamondCore® Tools Core Creators - April 2023

Editor’s note: We love seeing all the amazing things people create using DiamondCore® Tools. Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started this blog series called Core Creators. We highlight stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that caught our eye on social media and beyond. If you’d like us to feature your work, leave a comment below or follow and tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram and Facebook

Your pottery designs keep getting better and better each month! In April, we’ve seen artists create pieces with new carving techniques, unique glaze finishes and natural textures that make the project's beauty stand out for itself. Let’s dive into the stunning pottery creations that you’ve worked on using DiamondCore® Tools this month! 

i23n3.pottery, thank you for sharing your white satin donut vase with us! We love the detailed carving and agree that the white glaze truly enhances the piece's beauty. 


Your first experience with DiamondCore® Tools is definitely something you won’t forget! Potterylanegr is right — our tools easily become your best friends in the pottery studio. 


We love everything about this piece, Linda (twowishstudio)! We’re happy that our L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool could help you accomplish this beautiful dish. 


The bright spring colors on these bowls are beautiful! Keep up the great work, Eina (einamade) Eina Rieger!  


We love nothing more than hearing that our DiamondCore® Sanding Tools helped you to get baby smooth bottoms on your ceramic work. Thanks for sharing, Easton (exoceramics) Easton Wells


Absolutely stunning work using our L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool. We’re excited to see what this looks like once it leaves the kiln, Alexandra (piafceramics)!  


We’re so happy you could try our DiamondCore® X5 3mm U Fluting Tool, Hannah (mirvalleyceramics). We hope it becomes a favorite in your pottery tool collection! 


Our FP4 Fine Point Javelin Carving Tool is the best for carving out those fine clay details. We’re ecstatic to hear you love it and can’t wait to see what else you create with the tool sitwithmeceramics


This spring mug has us ready for warm weather and more sunshine! Stunning work, Krissy (downtoearthpotteryco)! 


I mean — these are just gorgeous. Hannah (hannahelisabethart_). You’ve taken our DiamondCore® Fluting Tools to the next level! 


The intricate sgraffito detailing on this small porcelain vase has our hearts. We’re glad to see that our P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver and L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool could help you accomplish your work, (kleur_keramiek)! 


A new DiamondCore® Tools unboxing, ASMR, and a gorgeous sgraffito carving? This video might just be our new favorite thing! Thank you for sharing this with us, Katie (francis.ceramics)! 


Anne (anne.nynke.keramyk), this is incredible! We’re obsessed with what you continue to create using our tools. 

What are you working on these days? Share your latest projects with us, and don’t forget to tell us which DiamondCore® Tools you reach for the most! 

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