DiamondCore Tools Core Creators - June 2021

Editor’s Note: We love seeing all the amazing things people create using DiamondCore Tools! Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started this blog series called Core Creators. We’ll be highlighting some of the stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that have caught our eye on social media and beyond. If you’d like your work considered in the coming months, leave a comment below or tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram!  

As the weather continues to warm up, we have continued to see the bright and beautiful ceramic pieces that you all have been creating. Here are just a few of our favorite projects from June. 




These mugs by @sprout.ceramics are gorgeous for the summer season. We will be patiently waiting to see the final pieces! 




The detail put into this mug is amazing, @ahnaliana! The new stoneware clay that she used did not disappoint. 




These gorgeous bowls by @alex.olson.arts are basking in the sun and waiting for their shino liner glaze before they’re woodfired. 




We agree, @little.millie.studio, seeing how the glaze reacts to the different grooves of the piece makes each ceramic unique. These turned out beautifully!




It would be shell-fish of us to not share this finished piece with you all! Loving this mermaid mug by @fiercendesigns




This pot by @zoes_clay reminds us of the ocean. The way the glaze lays on this pot seems like  calming waves to us, and we love it!




We agree with @rdceramics, sipping lemonade on a sunny day sounds amazing, and out of these mugs? Yes, please.




This carving done by @the.made.line is so well done. The patience and time that she took to create this pot are not unnoticed! 




If you love camping in the summer, you’ll love this mug by @kandys_pottery. S’mores anyone?




We are so glad that this isn’t the only mug of its kind, keep them coming @mermudstudio!




@emilycrystalyu, we love how this one came out too! Gorgeous work. 




@jcd_ceramics made carving this mug look easy with our L2 stylus tool. 


Are you working on any new, innovative pieces? Share them with us! Send us a link to check out your work in the comments below, or on Facebook or Instagram!

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