6 Reasons Why Handheld Clay Extruders Are Better Than Clay Extruder Guns

If you’re struggling to create consistent handles and feet for your ceramic work and have been frustrated with time-consuming clay extruder guns, DiamondCore® Tools Handheld Clay Extruders are the perfect solution!

Effortlessly glide through clay slabs to create consistent feet and handles for dishes, platters, vases, mugs, pitchers and other clay vessels. 

1. Saves You Time

DiamondCore® Tools handheld clay extruders quickly pull through clay slabs to create handles and feet for your ceramic projects. 

Clay extruder guns on the market need to be packed with clay and pressed to create clay feet and handles. You’ll spend double the time using a clay extruder gun versus our handheld clay extruder. 

2. No Mastery Required

After a few practice rounds, you’ll be well on your way to creating even, unflawed feet and handles with your DiamondCore® handheld clay extruder — no training or expertise required.

Conversely, it may take some time and practice to get things right when using clay extruder guns. It can be difficult to perfect the extrusions that it creates. Air bubbles appear if the clay is too soft, and you have to ensure the gun is lubricated with Vaseline or WD-40 to have the forms exit the extruder easily. 

3. Consistent Feet and Handles Every Time

To create consistent feet and handles, adjust the depth ski to your desired clay depth and pull the tool through the clay slab. Super simple! 

Consistency can be difficult to achieve with clay extruder guns. Depending on how firm you push the handle, the amount of clay you pack into the gun, and how well lubricated you have the barrel, it can create breaks in the clay or not push out the desired length. 

Tips For Getting Consistent Results With Our Handheld Clay Extruders: 

  • Use the tools when the clay is not extremely wet or sticky.
  • Keep the tool’s blade dry and clean of debris.
  • As you’re gliding the handheld extruder through the clay, pull the extrusion up and out as it’s forming, or fold back the sides of the slab so the extrusion pops up and out. 

4. Unique Shapes

When you purchase a clay extruder gun, you also need to purchase interchangeable discs to press the clay through. This can be difficult to work with depending on the size of the disc you’re trying to push your clay through and its consistency. 

We offer 18 handheld clay extruders for artists to choose from to create unique ceramic works. Choose classic, fancy, decorative, square, ornate or signature shapes for your handle and feet-making needs. 

Unique Shapes



5. Reduced Hand Fatigue

Packing and pushing the handles of clay extruder guns countless times can be exhausting. Your hands will become tired from the constant pressing, making completing projects and working longer hours in your pottery studio difficult. 

DiamondCore® Tools handheld clay extruders glide through clay with ease. The stainless steel blade featured on each of our tools resists dulling, allowing you to complete more pottery projects in one studio session. 

6. Cleanup is Practically Non-Existent  

Gone are the days of cleaning the inside of a clay extruder gun. Handheld clay extruders make cleanup easy. Simply remove the large pieces of clay from the tool and wipe it down with a damp towel. 

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If you have any questions about our handheld clay extruders, we’re here to help! Leave a comment or get in touch with our team on Facebook or Instagram. We can’t wait to help!

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