DiamondCore Tools Core Creators - December 2021

Editor’s note: We love seeing all the amazing things people create using DiamondCore® Tools! Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started this blog series called Core Creators. We’ll be highlighting some of the stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that have caught our eye on social media and beyond. If you’d like your work considered in the coming months, leave a comment below or tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram!

We are closing out the year with some more of your beautifully crafted clay art! Take a look at how these artists have gotten into the holiday spirit this season.

Some handmade Christmas ornaments from @jodie_neale_ceramics for the holiday season. We could watch this all day long!

Staying comfy and cozy this holiday season with @bailey_rae_clay's “wooden” mugs.

The lotus shape of this bowl by @lepottery is beautifully done. We’re glad that our foam trim bat and pottery trimming spinner made perfecting this technique easier!

@context.clay does an excellent job of transporting us into the clouds with these brick sky portal mugs.

Snow capped mountains are at the peak of what we love about the holiday season. Thank you @pugetsoundpottery for sharing your work!

@emilychristineceramics shows us how she carves her poinsettia mugs for the holiday season using our PF1 Fine Point U Tip Carving Tool, L1 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool, and L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool!

@shake_a_tail_feather_studio caught our attention with the gorgeous snowflake mug. Take a look in the background for an adorable surprise!

The stunning and simple design that @k_ceramics did for this portly furrow vase would be an excellent centerpiece or holiday gift this season!

Check out this planter from @kdarpel! We are loving the carving pattern done on this piece.

How cute and cozy is this mug?! @lelu_laurenhuie, please bring us over a mug and some treats!

How would you fill this incredible vade from  @fannyceramique? So many options to create a stunning winter focal point.

@limyanskystudios used deep carving methods to add final texture to this piece. We wish that we could touch this piece too!

Are you working on any new, innovative pottery pieces or ceramics projects? Share them with us! Send us a link in the comments below so we can check out your work, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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