Trimming Tool Blade Selector

Whether you’re working on an extra-small, medium or extra-large vessel, our Trimming Tools are just right for any pottery piece. DiamondCore Tools’ trimming tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you easily remove material and shape your ceramic work. Use the chart below to better understand the shapes and sizes of tools we offer.

  • Our original, classic T Series of trimming tools features 12 blade shapes for maximum design choices. Whether you prefer to remove clay with flat planes or curved edges, you’ll find a trimming tool to suit your style.
  • Extra-small T100 Series trimmers will remove material with incredible precision and allow you to create delicate groves.
  • Extra-large T200 Series trimmers are great for removing material quickly from larger pieces.
  • The T300 Series of feature trimming tools are the innovative trimming tools that can re-create specific foot profiles or add a repeatable band shape to your piece.
  • Our classic T tools and T200 extra-large tools come with 1 extra blade free at purchase, while our extra-small T100 tools come with 2 free blades. You’re unlikely to need a replacement blade for your T300 series feature trimming tools, but if you do, they’re available for sale along with all our other replacement blades.

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