R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder

R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
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R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder
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R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder

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The R12 Koala Handheld Clay Extruder cuts through clay to make a strip with one larger hump and two smaller humps on each side. Get creative with your ceramic handles, and try this pottery tool out today!

Now available with the classic, striped wood or with a limited-edition, plum-colored wood handle till sold out.


  • Angled, stainless-steel blade leaves clean edges and pulls through clay effortlessly
  • 4 3/8-inch (11 cm)-long hardwood handle
  • Great for feet, handles, and more 
  • Adjustable-depth ski controls the thickness of the cut
  • The thumb screw allows for easy ski adjustment
  • Max approx. blade width 22 mm X height 11 mm
  • Min approx. blade width 21 mm X height 7 mm
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Make feet for slab-built pieces
  • Ideal for hand-builders and useful for throwers
  • Consistent shape and adjustable thickness
  • So easy to use; avoid all that pulling
  • Works on a variety of clay types
  • Always-sharp stainless-steel blade won’t rust or shatter
  • A variety of basic and intricate shapes are available


  • Not designed to be used with extremely wet or sticky clay
  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children  


For best results, use these foot and handle-making tools when the clay is not extremely wet or sticky. The clay tool blade should be clean and dry. Ideally, pull the extrusion up and out as it is being formed or fold back the sides of the slab so the extrusion pops up and out.



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  • DRT: A complete Diamond Set of every R series handheld clay extruder
  • PTR SET2: The 6-piece PTR Set 2 includes the FP4, FP4-2, T8, R12, S4 XL, J11, J12
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rosa A.
Handle maker

I absolutely love my new diamond core handle making tool. Making handles has never been easier, I look forward to purchasing more of your tools.
P.S. appreciated the fast delivery.

Love my Koala extruder

So happy with my first order from Diamond Core tools. Order process smooth with timely delivery. It works like a charm. Lots of handles in minimal time -now everything needs a handle! Traditional, strap handle, etc. lol Gives your handles a great professional appearance. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Excellent Customer Service

I cannot actually give a product review yet except to say, just by looking at this tool, I can see it is excellent quality. Besides, I have other Diamond Core tools and they are the best quality one can possibly get. But, I do want to give a review of their customer service. This company's tools are expensive because they are the highest quality. When I purchase their tools, I can count on them being excellent quality that will be worth every penny and will last a long time. However, I cannot buy one of their expensive tools carelessly. I recently purchased one of their hand-held extruders online. I made not just one, but two mistakes when I ordered the tool. I ordered the wrong tool and somehow I did not notice that I had chosen the "pick up" option instead of having the tool sent to me. As I said, they are expensive, so I was quite upset with myself. When I realized my mistake, I sent an email asking that they allow me to change my order including having the different item shipped to me. It was a weekend, so I had to wait to see if they even read my email before the order was completed. Well, on Monday, not only did I get an email saying they had fixed my order, I got a phone call to confirm that my wishes were taken care of. This company has an excellent product and they have excellent customer service.