2021 Pottery Trends We Love

2021 has been such an innovative and creative year in the pottery world! Ancient patterns have made a comeback, aged earth tones are everywhere, and monochromatic ceramics continue to be on-trend and impressive. Check out these 2021 pottery trends that we love and discover something new to try next! We’re excited for you to use these ideas and DiamondCore Tools to get even more creative with your own work!

Earthy & Organic

One popular trend in the pottery world right now is creating earthy and organic pieces of artwork. Neutral and organic colors including pinks, greens and blues have become very popular this year. Earthy and organic pieces have an almost stemmed-from-nature feel, one that Miriam Loory Krombach has perfected.

In one particular piece, Miriam uses our T11 Starfish Trimming Tool in one of the many creative ways to trim with this tool. Check out her amazing piece here and see this trimming tool in action!



More Diamond Core Trimming Tools:


Biophilic patterns have become increasingly popular in 2021 and a lot of that has to do with many people finding their inner explorer and true love for nature. Anything from flowers to vines or any plant-like pattern is considered part of the biophilia trend. One artist in particular, Juliette Davin, has become very familiar with the biophilic patterns in her works of art.

For one of her beautiful vine mugs, Juliette uses our P16 straight U Tip Carver to create the most perfect leaves and our P12 Straight V Tip Carver for her delicate stems. Get a look at her gorgeous mug here and watch how she works her magic!



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Whether an artist uses animal print to beautifully decorate a plant pot or the animal sculpture itself becomes the plant pot, we love it all! A mother-daughter team has caught our eye creating pieces of this trend, and we are in awe!

Samanthabooth_art takes advantage of our 240 grit grinding disc to make sure her little critters are extra smooth. Check out one of her amazing creations here and see how she uses one of our grinding discs!



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Soft Textures

Another popular 2021 pottery trend we love is the soft textured pieces being created. Nothing is better than being able to pick up a smooth piece of pottery! Humbledhandspottery, a husband and wife artistic team, know all about how to incorporate those soft textures into their ceramic art!

Marcus and Adrienna take use our Diamond Sanding Blocks to create those trendy soft textured pottery! Take a look at how they use a series of our sanding blocks on one of their beautiful mugs here.



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Adding letters and words to make pottery pieces one of a kind isn’t a new trend, but it’s one we’re still loving in 2021! Nothing says good morning like a cute coffee mug with an inspirational quote or a fruit bowl with your last name styled on to it. A unique artist named Jeff Osgood uses this lettering trend on many of his detailed pieces.

In one of his creations, Jeff uses our L1 Diamond Stylus to demonstrate how he uses our stylus tool to create amazing lettering. Check out our stylus in action here and see what the hype is all about!



More Diamond Core Stylus Tools:

Which pottery trends are making an appearance in your studio? Which are you hoping to try out next? If you have any questions about which tools would be the best for you, please do not hesitate to leave a comment here on the blog, send us an email, or contact us. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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