FP6 细尖圆珠笔雕刻工具

Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
Fine Point Ballpoint Carving Tool
FP6 细尖圆珠笔雕刻工具

FP6 细尖圆珠笔雕刻工具

正常价格 $38.00

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适用于 P、FP、X、K、L、T 和 R 系列工具


  • 安全支付

使用 FP6 细尖圆珠笔雕刻工具,为您的陶瓷作品赋予一些涂鸦风格就像签上您的名字一样简单!与 U 形尖端雕刻刀片类似,这种圆珠形刀片很独特,可以在各种角度保持一致的凹槽。


  • 直径 3 毫米的圆珠形刀片
  • 美丽的 5 英寸(139 毫米)手工制作硬木手柄
  • 彩色泡沫手柄为这款陶器雕刻工具增添了时尚感和舒适感
  • 非常适合在边缘或线条周围雕刻刨花
  • 可以雕刻干燥或皮革坚硬的粘土
  • 用于陶器雕刻的可调节刀片角度
  • 免费赠送备用刀片一把;可以购买额外的刀片
  • 配有三个手柄:两个在工具上,一个额外
  • 木纹可能有所不同


  • 雕刻粘土干、釉下或皮革硬质
  • 非常适合在 Sgraffito 图像或形状上的线条周围进行剃须
  • 三岛,雕刻、刮削等
  • 不锈钢刀片永远不会变钝,几乎不会留下毛刺或碎片
  • 雕刻速度更快并剃除背景区域
  • 锋利的刀片提高效率并减少疲劳


  • 不适合修剪
  • 使用所有安全预防措施
  • 放在儿童接触不到的地方


  • 前组: 一套 6 个额外泡沫握把,多种颜色
  • FGXL: 蛋形 XL 泡沫握把,适合所有铅笔工具


  • FP 设置3: 这款 3 件套细点套装包括 PF4、FP6 和 FP8
  • DFP每个 FP 系列雕刻工具的完整钻石套装

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    Janene H.
    Would love to see videos for all of your carving tools!

    Who out there would love to be able to see exactly what the tool is able to do when carving on some clay???! I for one would love it if there were videos that demonstrated all of Diamond Core Tools different tools!!💖 I must say it makes it so much easier to find the tool you are wanting if you are able to watch someone using the different tools❣I would be more than willing to make videos of these new carving tools that you have come out with!😍😁😉😃👏👍So if the Awesome people at DIAMOND CORE TOOLS are interested in having some videos from one of their customers sharing her view of the different tools,I would be more than HAPPY AND THRILLED to have you send me some of your AWESOME TOOLS so I can demonstrate to all your customers all the great ways to use your AWESOME TOOLS!😁 Just a thought😄🤞😁🤞
    Happy Easter
    Sincerely,Janene Hessing