Limited-edition P1/X1 Double-Tip Carving Tool

Limited-edition P1/X1 Double-Tip Carving Tool

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Back by popular demand the limited-edition carving tool that will double your carving fun. The new P1/X1 Double-Tip Carving Tool puts two great carving tools at your fingertips — on the same handle! No more reaching for another tool when you want to switch up your carving style.

The DiamondCore Tools limited-edition P1/X1 carving tool features our P1 curved V-tip blade on one end plus an X1 V fluting blade on the other end. It also carries on the tradition of our classic P1 and X1 with the comfortable yellow grips our fans have come to recognize and love. The P1, our most popular carving tool, allows you to carve deep or shallow lines in leatherhard clay. Use the X1 to create buttery-smooth, 12-mm-wide lines with convex sidewalls and V-shaped valleys and endpoints. Whether you use the P1 or the X1 tip, this tool is as versatile as they come!

Don’t wait to order the P1/X1 tool before the end of the year. Supplies are limited!


  • P1 tip: Pencil-point carving tool with “V” tip curved blade — perfect for creating fine, straight, clean or arced lines
  • X1 tip: Flexible fluting tool with 12 mm-diameter opening — designed to create smooth, V-shaped grooves with clean edges
  • Hardwood pencil carver; 5.5-inch (140 mm) pencil-type handle
  • Handle engraved with diamond logo and both tool numbers
  • Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening
  • Two foam grips for comfort and to ease hand fatigue
  • Can carve leather-hard clay
  • Extra blade sets are available for purchase
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Carving deep or shallow lines
  • Also good for carving luminaries or working with wax, soap and food
  • Stainless-steel blade never dulls and leaves little to no burrs or debris
  • Carve faster and deeper while blade resists breaking and rusting
  • Sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces fatigue


  • P1-2: Choice of extra carving tool blades
  • X1-2: Choice of extra fluting tool blades


  • DPT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every P series carving tool
  • DXT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every X series fluting tool


  • Not for use on bone dry clay
  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children


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Best tools ever!

Jay G.
The Gift

A well crafted tool that does extra duty. Carves with ease.