Intermediate Tools Set

Intermediate Tools Set

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DiamondCore Tools has put together a great set of tools for ceramic artists starting out. This 16-piece set is perfect for pottery hobbyists and is a great way to try out some of our best products. 

The Intermediate Tools Set includes our:

  • P12: Straight V Tip Carving Tool
  • FP1: Fine Point U Tip 1 mm Carving Tool
  • X5: 3 mm U Fluting Tool
  • L3: Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool - Small/ Large Football
  • T8: Wedge Trimming Tool w/Flat Head Handle
  • T201: Half Dome Extra-Large Trimming Tool
  • R8: Double Line Handheld Clay Extruder
  • MRIB2: Small Metal Rib
  • WR1: 50 mm Wood Rib
  • A2: Semi-Flexible Sanding Pad #120
  • F13: 8" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat #120
  • MT1: Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool
  • S4 XS: Trimming Spinner
  • BR2: Finger Brush, Medium
  • FGXL: Egg Shape XL Foam Grip (color varies)
  • SPG2: Pottery Sponge, Medium


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children
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