D101 Micro Rotary Round End Taper Diamond Hole Drill

Micro Rotary Round End Taper Diamond Hole Drill

D101 Micro Rotary Round End Taper Diamond Hole Drill

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The D101 Micro Rotary Round End Taper tip is essential for drilling or cleaning out very small holes. This rotary diamond tip is perfect for refining salt shakers or colanders, where the glaze has filled in an existing hole. It must constantly be used with water to avoid damage to the bit. Make your culinary pieces flow with holes created with our DiamondCore® rotary tip. 


  • Diamond grit Hole Drill
  • 1 mm (dia) x 8 mm, round end taper shape
  • 1.6 mm diameter shaft


  • Clearing out or drilling small holes in bisque or high-fired ceramics
  • Removing sharp edges
  • Cleanup of bisque spots
  • Ream out an existing hole to make it larger


  • Works on ceramic, tile, stone, or glass
  • Rapid removal of unwanted material
  • Long lifespan if used properly
  • Controls dust when used with water


  • Follow all safety precautions
  • Always wear safety goggles
  • Always use with water to extend tool life and control dust
  • Must be constantly used with water to avoid overheating
  • Use a cordless rotary tool to avoid water mixing with electricity
  • While drilling, ream out the hole first to prevent jamming
  • Be sure to clean and remove all debris
  • Do not attempt to force or pry with this tool
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Technique note: To increase the tool's longevity, use water, high speed, and gentle pressure. 



  • D102: Best for drilling new small holes, creating small details
  • D103: Best for removing small imperfections, grinding accents
  • D111: Best for reaming out openings, creating clean holes
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