Why Should I Become an International Distributor?

Here at DiamondCore Tools, it’s always been our mission to provide the highest quality, most innovative pottery tools on the market. Our goal is to provide artists and creators with the high-performance tools they need to do things they never could have imagined before. Our blades are thinner, sharper, and more durable than others on the market, which allows for crisper lines, more intricate designs, less fatigue, and a better overall product.

Our product line of pottery tools include:

  • Handheld Clay Extruders
  • Clay Carvers
  • Pottery Trimming Tools
  • Diamond Stylus Tools
  • Diamond Sanding Pads & Strips
  • Diamond Grinding Discs
  • Ceramic Rotary Tools
  • Pottery Bats & Pads
  • And more!

We ship products worldwide from the United States out of our El Cajon, California headquarters. However, duties, customs fees, import taxes and other costs make this an expensive option for many of our global customers. That’s why we work with carefully selected international distributors, to get our products into the hands of our customers in the most efficient way possible.


To receive an application for becoming an International Distributor, please use this form: