3-Piece Pottery Sponge Set 1

3-Piece Pottery Sponge Set 1

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Squeeze more productivity out of your pottery projects with the practical Pottery Sponge Set 1 from DiamondCore Tools. These essential ceramics accessories come in three finishes — tough, medium and fine — giving you a creative assist whether throwing or hand-building.

Made from long-lasting synthetic material, these soft but strong sponges will be an essential and economical addition to your studio.

  • Tough sponge (black) is best for shaping while wheel-throwing. Returns to form after compression and maintains support.
  • Medium sponge (purple) is a good compromise for both throwing and finishing. Squishes slightly after compression, conforms to shapes. Smooth finish.
  • Fine sponge (light blue) is best for final touch-ups or delicate pieces. Squishes most after compression, flexible, extremely smooth finish.


  • Rounded, equilateral triangle pottery sponges
  • Stiff when dry, will expand when wet
  • 10 cm width by 7.5 cm height (~3.9 by 3 inches) when expanded
  • Flexible, 15 mm thickness
  • Strong yet soft texture
  • DiamondCore logo relief design


  • Wetting, shaping, and smoothing clay
  • Cleaning excess slip from joined sections
  • Softening edges that have been cut, carved, or shaped
  • Removing water or debris from tools


  • Triangle size fits comfortably in right and left hands
  • Durable material retains its form when saturated and after repeated wringing
  • Synthetic composition resists odors and staining


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • SPG1: Tough, Medium, and Fine pottery sponges sold individually
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Nice sponges

Lisa H.
Nice Sponges

I love these sponges. They are very soft and smooth the clay really well. The shape is nice to hold in my hand too. I use them for handbuilding and they are awesome!


I’ve only used the purple one so far but I love the soft feel of it and it works great!

Enjoying these sponges!

Each sponge is very dense but gradated from softer to harder and that makes them great for different kinds of clay. I have found uses for them with everything I make. High quality and a very nice innovation.

Merle K.
Amazing set!

A very good and comfortable set. Far better than any set I have used before. Really recommend buying!