NEW!! Geo Point Set

NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set
NEW!! Geo Point Set

NEW!! Geo Point Set

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Get some of our best-selling carving tools paired with customer-favorite Clay Impression Stamps with the Geo Point Set. Now you can match crisp, carved lines with clay impression stamps to create intricate extensions and repeatable patterns. Use our carving metal ribs to help mark out your designs on flat or curved surfaces.

The Geo Point Set includes: 

  • X1 12 mm V Fluting Tool (plus extra blade)
  • I10, I12, I15 and I16 Clay Impression Stamps
  • FP2 Fine Point Arrow Carving Tool (plus extra blade)
  • Metal Rib Set 3

If purchased separately, these innovative tools would cost $113. By bundling them together, you save money and get them for only $99!  

X1 12 mm V Fluting Tool

  • Flexible fluting tool with a 12 mm-diameter opening
  • Designed to create smooth, V-shaped grooves with clean edges
  • At maximum pressure, the blade will not go deeper
  • Hardwood pencil carver; 5.5-inch (140 mm) pencil-type handle
  • Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening
  • Not for use on bone-dry clay

I10, I12, I15 and I16 Clay Impression Stamps

  • Black plastic impression stamps
  • Stamps include filled arc, three-dot, pointed filled arc and diamond shapes
  • Impression tips: approximately 12 mm-wide 
  • Full product length: approximately 55 mm
  • Built to fit on the stylus-tip end of DCT wood-handle clay-carving tools
  • Create and/or complement designs in leather-hard clay
  • Effortlessly re-create exact shapes for extended patterns/textures
  • Can be used with a carving tool handle or alone by hand

FP2 Fine Point Arrow Carving Tool

  • ~3.5 mm width arrow-shaped blade
  • Beautiful 5-inch (139 mm) handcrafted hardwood handle
  • Ideal for creating fine, clean detail 
  • Designed for shallow carving
  • Works well to carve underglaze and leather-hard clay
  • A must-have tool for sgraffito artists 
  • Mishima, sculpting, scraping, and more
  • Colorful foam grip adds style and comfort to this pottery carving tool
  • Can carve bone dry or leather-hard clay

Metal Rib Set 3

  • Includes Arc, Triangle and Hexagon Carving Metal Ribs
  • Stainless steel, metal ribs with curved, triangular and hexagonal cutouts
  • Flexible, 0.006-inch thickness conforms to rounded pottery
  • Shapes with equidistant, expanding edges 
  • Edges and cutouts help re-create repeatable arcs, angles and lines
  • Thumb indent helps keep stencil in place while using


  • Choking hazard; keep away from children
  • Observe all safety precautions
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