3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1

3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1

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The Finger Brush is a small sweeper brush attached to an adjustable hook-and-loop strap on a bendable wire. Easily wrap it and secure it on your finger or another tool. The rounded bristle head quickly sweeps away the excess crumbs with one flick of the finger or tool handle. Save money and buy this set of 3 finger brushes today!


  • 1-inch mini brush on a 3-inch metal wire handle
  • ½-inch-wide, 5.5-inch-long hook-and-loop strap on the wire handle
  • Strap securely wraps around your finger or other pottery tools for quick access
  • The set includes Rough, Medium and Fine brushes


  • Use it to sweep away crumbs as you work on ceramics
  • Rough bristles are best for removing debris while trimming
  • Medium bristles are best for removing debris while carving
  • Fine bristles are best for removing debris during sgraffito
  • Best for all stages of creating pottery


  • Save time and energy with a brush at your fingertips
  • No more interrupting your work to pick up a different tool
  • Can be used wet or dry (doesn't deteriorate in water) 


    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children


    • BR1: Rough, Medium and Fine finger brushes sold individually
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    I haven’t fully used them yet but the little I have, seams to be a great help in removing shaving during trimming.

    Bonny K.
    Great Product & Great Company

    You wouldn’t believe how handy these little brushes are. Super easy to use and definitely the tool you needed that you didn’t think you needed