Meet Our Team - Sergio Zarate

Here at DiamondCore Tools, we know that it’s the people that make our company great and provide the quality tools and expertise our customers are used to. That’s why we wanted to give you a chance to get to know our awesome team a little more. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Sergio Zarate, one of the key players when it comes to ceramic tool production here at DiamondCore. 

Sergio does a little bit of everything — from cutting the wood and shaping the handles to the production of our advanced stainless-steel blades and packaging. 

“I’m pretty sure I know everything about it,” he joked. 

He said one of the key values at DiamondCore — and one of the main things customers notice about the tools — is quality. 

“We are really picky about the choosing of the wood, the consistency of the wood, and the consistency of the tool,” he said. “Everything is supposed to be clean and ready to use with the ‘wow’ factor.” 

Sergio Zarate

Sergio Zarate

Sergio shaping a T1 trimming tool handle by hand. 

One thing that many of our customers don’t realize is that every carving tool is made by hand and a lot goes into making each and every tool perfect for customers. 

“Every single tool is made by hand, so every single one has the right blade,” Sergio said. “The quality of the blade has to be precise.” 

All in all, Sergio said our tools themselves are “literally a work of art,” noting the beautiful hardwood handles, in particular. 

3-piece Diamond Sgraffito Stylus Tool Set

P9 (green) and P10 (purple) carving tools waiting for the blades to be attached. 

P1 (yellow) P4 (red), P13 (aqua) and P21 (black) carving tools in quality control prior to final packaging.

“We spend time with it to make sure it is really beautiful,” he said. 

Being a part of DiamondCore Tools and crafting our high-quality ceramic tools is especially rewarding right now amid the ongoing pandemic, while people are spending more time at home and pursuing more solo and indoor hobbies, Sergio said. 

“It has been somewhat of a relief during these tough times for people,” he said. “It’s a good feeling for us.”

After putting so much time, effort, and detail into every one of our pottery tools, Sergio said he loves getting customer feedback and seeing the amazing works they’ve developed. 

“Every time I open Instagram and see the tools being used by artists and the recreation that they do, that’s one of the best feelings,” he said. 

Sergio is just one of many members of our team who are changing the world of ceramic arts! Browse our site to learn more about DiamondCore or shop our selection of high-quality pottery tools. 

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