Get to Know DiamondCore’s Multi-Tool & Folding Blades

With the DiamondCore® multi-tool and folding blades, we’ve simplified using the traditional tools in your pottery studio. 

Have reliable pottery tools at your fingertips with our trusted stainless steel blades and smooth hardwood handles.

What is a Multi-Tool?

What is a Multi-Tool?

Gone are the days of searching for your pottery knife or scoring tool in your studio while you’re in the middle of a ceramic project. With the DiamondCore® Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool, you have the power of seven tools in one. 

The Bird of Paradise pottery multi-tool includes all of the following essential pottery tools in one: 

The slim and stylish design of this tool makes it easy for you to keep in your pottery apron pocket while you work, allowing you to use it as needed without reaching for multiple tools that often get lost in the shuffle. 

Simply open the blade you wish to work with and begin scoring, trimming or sculpting your ceramic project. 

“This can only be described as a Swiss Army knife for ceramics. These are all my clay tools in one. I was cutting tiles, and for the first time, my cuts were clean and vertical. I'm getting another one because I am notorious for misplacing my tools when I am working in the studio.” – Susan B. 


In this Instagram livestream, Nicholai, Director of Engineering, explains how to use our Bird of Paradise pottery multi-tool. 



Using DiamondCore’s Multi-Tool and Folding Blades

Using our pottery multi-tool is simple. Like your traditional, individual tools, you can use each blade as needed to accomplish various tasks in the studio. 

All of the folding blades you see below are available in one with our Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool. 




Pottery Knife

Pottery Knife

Our pottery knife will easily cut through leather hard clay to trim away imperfections. It can also be used on wax and other soft materials to perfect your next artistic project. 

The adjustable thumb screw allows you to open and secure the straight blade, similar to a fettling knife. To use the tool, loosen the screw, extend the blade, and tighten the screw again to keep the blade in place.  

Pottery Knife Blade Replacement

Pottery Needle Tool

Pottery Needle Tool

Whether you need to level a project’s lip during the throwing process or need to cut out small holes for a design, the coated, stainless steel blade of the DiamondCore® Needle Tool can help you accomplish it. 

Apply pressure as needed. The coated, stainless steel blade will easily glide through the clay, so don’t use too much pressure as you actively use the blade. 

Trim, etch, cut, score, and more with the needle tool — it will quickly become one of your studio's most trusted and used tools. 

Needle Tool Blade Replacement

Pottery Scoring Tool

Pottery Scoring Tool

If you love creating mugs, feet for pots, or extensions on sculptures, the scoring tool is a must-have in your studio. 

Use the extended, coated, stainless steel prongs of the DiamondCore® Scoring Tool to scratch rough edges that will then be joined to create a strong clay bond. If you want a textured surface as part of your design, the scoring tool can also help you accomplish that too. Lightly press the prongs into the clay as needed. 

Scoring Tool Blade Replacement

Mini-Wrench Screwdriver 

Mini-Wrench Screwdriver

The fold-out tools of the DiamondCore® Mini-Wrench Screwdriver are artist's favorites for a reason. Keeping our pottery tool blades tightly attached during frequent, heavy use and replacing blades as needed is simple with the mini-wrench screwdriver. 

The #1 Phillips Screwdriver allows you to easily tighten or loosen screws on all of your DiamondCore® wood-handle tools, conveniently tucking back into the smooth hardwood handle to save you space. 

The ¼-inch wrench is perfect for tightening nuts on DiamondCore® carving, fine point, or trimming tools. Set your preferred angle by adjusting the thumb screw. 

Try DiamondCore’s Multi-Tool and Folding Blades for Yourself

DiamondCore’s Multi-Tool and Folding Blades were designed to make your pottery-making experience as seamless and effortless as possible. You can also try our Pottery Multi-Tool Set 1 or Pottery Multi-Set 2 to bundle and save on your multi-tool and folding blade purchase. 

Try them for yourself to simplify your pottery process!

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If you have questions or want to learn more about DiamondCore® Tools, we’re here to help! Leave a comment below, or reach out to our team for assistance.

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