Everything You Need to Know About DiamondCore® Tools’ Glaze Fountain

If you’re tired of the traditional and messy routine of glazing your ceramics, DiamondCore® Tools has the solution for you! Our NEW glaze fountain can quickly glaze your bisqueware with a simple tap of your foot. 

Let’s explore our new collection.

What is a Glaze Fountain?

What is a Glaze Fountain?

DiamondCore’s Glaze Fountain is a self-powered fountain that speeds up the process of glazing bisqueware. Messy cup-swirling will quickly become a thing of the past. With the Glaze Fountain, you can simply press on the foot pedal for a controlled fountain of glaze. 

Any excess glaze will flow back into the glaze bucket. Once you’re done glazing your bisqueware, a quick cleanup will make it ready to use in another glaze. 

Our glaze fountain also allows you to evenly and quickly spray glaze on the exterior of ceramic projects with less mess. You can now coat your ceramics without having to touch the glaze, simplifying the process and speeding up the way you create in your studio. 

If you’re creating multiple ceramic pieces or need a different glaze as you create, you can use the glaze fountain in multiple glaze buckets. 

How to Use DiamondCore’s Glaze Fountain

Our team has put together step-by-step instructions to show you how easily you can incorporate our Glaze Fountain into your current pottery-making process. 

Step 1:

  • Place the foot pedal on a flat surface and the fountain pump in a bucket with glaze
  • Stir up the glaze sediment from the bottom of the bucket so the pump’s suction cups can attach firmly
  • The suction cups should provide a good, strong hold
  • Test by pushing down on the foot pedal

Step 2: 

  • Place your piece over the pipe opening and press down on the pedal
    • For a taller glaze stream, screw on the nozzle attachment

Step 3 – Cone Attachment: 

  • Screw on the cone attachment to glaze larger/wider pieces
    • Works great if you have a smaller bucket and larger pieces

Step 4 – Wand Attachment:

  • Screw on the wand attachment
  • Use the wand’s nozzle to spray glaze onto the outer surfaces
  • Turn the red valve to close and unscrew the hose from the pipe
  • Turn the red valve back on and lift the tube to drain any glaze left in the hose

Step 5 – Cleanup:

  • Unscrew the cone from the pipe and wipe down or rinse off the glaze
  • Wipe the pipe of any excess glaze
  • Lift the pump from the bottom of the bucket by gently rocking it back and forth to unstick the suction cups
  • Remove the plug at the base of the pump. Tip the pump toward the opening and use the foot pedal to empty any remaining glaze from the fountain
  •  Place the pump into a bucket of clean water
  • Use the foot pedal to rinse the inside of the pump by cycling water through
  • 5 to 10 water cycles should adequately rinse the inside of the pump
  • Remove the pump from the water and wipe down the outside of the pump and pipe
  • Remove the plug to release any trapped water, and use the foot pedal to expel any excess water
  • Put the plug back into the base of the pump
  • It’s now good to go until the next time you use the Glaze Fountain

Benefits of DiamondCore® Tools’ Glazing Fountain

DiamondCore’s Glaze Fountain can elevate the way you create. Benefits include:

  • Less hassle and mess than hand-dipping or hand-pouring glaze inside bisqueware
  • The portable, foot-powered fountain requires no electricity or cords around liquids
  • Designed to be used with existing 2-gallon, 5-gallon, and 10-gallon glaze buckets
  • Excess glaze quickly runs back into the bucket so there’s no waste
  • Simple to cycle out the glaze and rinse the device to use with multiple glazes
  • Easy to use in a variety of spaces — including studios, classrooms, and personal workspaces

Glaze Fountain Classic

Glaze Fountain Classic

The Glaze Fountain Classic includes:

  • Human-powered pump to efficiently distribute glaze inside ceramics
  • Laser-cut spring-tension pedal with hardwood footboard
  • Coiled, metal tension cable, encased in plastic sleeve
  • 13-inch stainless-steel fountain pipe
  • Cable-controlled, plastic pump reservoir
  • Two suction cups to adhere the reservoir to the bottom of buckets
  • Included nozzle attachment increases the force and height of the glaze spray
  • Removable rubber plug empties the reservoir with the help of the foot pedal
  • Self-contained; doesn’t require electricity
  • Preassembled; unpack, screw in the tube, add to glaze bucket, prime pump with the foot press

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Glaze Fountain Deluxe

Glaze Fountain Deluxe

The Glaze Fountain Deluxe includes:

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See Our Glaze Fountain in Action

See for yourself how our glaze fountain can elevate the way you create ceramics.

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Elevate your pottery studio with DiamondCore® Tools’ Glaze Fountain! 

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If you have any questions about our glaze fountain, we’re here to help. Leave a comment or get in touch with our team on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you’re creating.

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