DiamondCore® Tools Core Creators - May 2022

We love seeing all the amazing things people create using DiamondCore® Tools! Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started this blog series called Core Creators. We’ll be highlighting some of the stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that have caught our eye on social media and beyond. If you’d like your work considered in the coming months, leave a comment below or tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram! 

We can tell that the warm weather is inspiring artists to create bright and colorful ceramic pieces while also focusing on a more organic aesthetic as well. Nature seems to be the overall inspiration for your creations this month, and we are loving it! 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ceramic art pieces from May!

 These bright mugs remind us of relaxing sunsets and fresh honey. @halko_tu_glina_ceramika, we love how these turned out!


Check out this stoneware vase by @lindalovesletters. Time to find a tiny bouquet of flowers! 


@daisyo.studio has our hearts racing with this hummingbird mug!


 Laying out under the stars is one of our favorite activities with the warmer weather! @alpenglow.pottery has us reminiscing on summer nights with these mountain and starry night mugs. 


 Our Diamond Stylus Tools were used to create this gorgeous dragonfly mug. @13fields, we are loving it just as much as you are!


This bowl looks like it was carved from wood and then dipped in clay. @fern.n.fungi, thank you for sharing!


@moreliving.ceramics created these simple, carved terracotta cups. Those crisp lines — we are in love with this collection!


 We have never heard of a mommy pot either, @aliceandarloco. But now that we have, it is quite possibly the sweetest concept that we’ve ever heard of!


 These are stunning, @mercedesmunozart! We love the little details in each mug that our DiamondCore® Tools were able to help you accomplish. 


 @worthy.pottery, you’ve outdone yourself! The unique shape, glaze, and the secret carving at the bottom?! We’re in awe. 


 The DiamondCore® FP1 Tool has never looked better. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us, @rad_pottery!


 Look at how cute this collection is from @crockashwt! All of these pieces scream summer. 

Are you working on any nature-inspired pieces? Share them with us! Give us a link to check out your work in the comments below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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