DiamondCore® Tools Core Creators - December 2022

Editor’s note: We love seeing all the amazing things people create using DiamondCore® Tools. Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started the Core Creators blog series. We highlight some of the stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that have caught our eye on social media. If you’d like your work featured in an upcoming blog, comment below or tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram! 

We’re rounding out the 2022 Core Creators with ceramic masterpieces from December. You’ve taken DiamondCore® Tools to the next level with precise carvings and unique designs that continue to amaze us with each Facebook and Instagram notification we receive! Keep us in your pottery projects as we enter 2023 — we’re excited to see what you create!  




@rebekahsimonpottery is starting our December Core Creators off strong with a Christmas-themed set. The carvings are so stunning on each piece! 




This mug is wonderful, @kendallclayworks! We’re glad our diamond grinding and sanding tools helped you to complete your piece!  




@goak_ceramics and @manjari_agraharapu, your sgraffito designs are adorable for the winter season! 




This was @caffyn.ated’s first time making ornaments — we think you did a great job! Keep up the great work when you make more next year! 




@twowishstudio, thank you for showcasing how our DiamondCore® sgraffito tools can help to add those small details to your pottery projects. This ring dish looks amazing! 




We’re loving the marbled clay trend and can’t wait to see more of it in the new year! @willowfaith.art, thank you for sharing your work with us! 




Check out this mug made by @13fields for the Wild Arts Festival, helping to protect birds and wildlife. A really neat piece for this festival! 




This Hogwarts castle mug is stunning! Great work on this piece, @bananamadepottery




We’re in awe over these delicate porcelain pieces made by @livijaceramics




Grooves from our DiamondCore® P11 Carving Tool have never looked better! Thank you for sharing these with us, @mogrizzles




This espresso mug is amazing, @emilychristineceramics! We’re glad that our DiamondCore® trimming and carving tools could help you to design this mug. 




@fionacarterceramics is right, Christmas is coming, and these star ornaments were created just in time! 




More Christmas ornaments, but in a different design. @andrea.lynn.pottery used our DiamondCore® L1, L2 and L3 sgraffito tools to add detail to this ornament! 




We’re in love with this trinket dish from @a.beautiful.cloud.ceramics

What are you working on these days? Share your latest projects with us, and don’t forget to tell us which DiamondCore® Tools you reach for the most! Give us a link to check out your work in the comments below, or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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