DiamondCore® Pottery Trimming Tools: Sizes and Techniques

Trimming is an important step in the pottery-making process to ensure you’re getting the desired form for your projects while making sure everything is smooth and even. 

With DiamondCore® Trimming Tools, you’ll quickly see why these are some of the best pottery trimming tools in the game.

Understand DiamondCore’s Pottery Trimming Tools

See for yourself how DiamondCore® trimming tools stand apart from other tools on the market. Our pottery trimming tools are designed with our advanced, never-dull stainless steel blades that artists around the globe trust for their ceramic projects. 

The blades are sharp enough to trim through clay that is too wet or too dry for other trimming tools on the market and offer minimal drag and resistance as you work

We designed these tools to make your clay artistry easy, allowing you to stay in your pottery studio longer while creating professional ceramic work. 

Explore Tool Sizes

See for yourself how different tool sizes can help you perfect every detail.


Our classic line of trimming tools has 5-star ratings from artists just like you. Featuring 12 stainless steel blade shapes, you can trim a wide variety of shapes, leveling up the way you work in your studio. 

Choose from the following classic trimming tools: 

Extra Small

If you’re looking to accomplish fine detailing, precision trimming, miniature sculptures, texturing small areas or more, look no further than our extra-small trimming tools.

DiamondCore’s extra-small trimming tools are an excellent choice for perfecting tight spaces and smaller projects. 

We have four extra small trimming tools available for you:

You can also bundle and save on all of these trimming tools with our 4-Piece Extra-Small Trimming Tools Set 1

Extra Large

Trim large vases, bowls and more with DiamondCore’s extra-large trimming tools. 

Reduce fatigue in the studio by using extra-large trimming tools for faster work progression. The trusted, stainless steel blade on our DiamondCore® Trimming Tools allows you to work effortlessly on large-scale projects, trimming away ribbons of clay. 

Choose from four extra-large trimming tools:

Or, bundle and save with our 4-Piece Extra-Large Trimming Tools Set 1.  


Now you can effortlessly create consistent feet, rims or other features on your wheel-thrown pottery with DiamondCore’s feature trimming tools. 

The unique blade shapes on our DiamondCore Feature Trimming Tools remove clay to create the perfect foot on a cup or bowl every time and again. With four stainless-steel blade designs to choose from, you’ll put your personal pottery style on feet and rims with less effort. Let these blades do so much of the work for you! 

Choose from four feature trimming tools:

Or, bundle and save with our 4-Piece Feature Trimming Tools Set 1

Techniques for Effective Pottery Trimming 

The extremely sharp blades on our DiamondCore® Trimming Tools glide through the clay with minimal pressure. Simply touch the blade to the clay on your pottery wheel and begin to shave off thin clay ribbons. See for yourself how artists are using our trimming tools. 



@staircaseceramics trims ribbons off of this clay pot with our T8 Trimming Tool.



@aleathabean is trimming at lightning-fast speeds with our T1 Trimming Tool.



We love how the sharp blade of the DiamondCore® T3 glides through the clay of this mug. Thanks for sharing @clay_share!

DiamondCore trimming tools go beyond trimming. Use our blades for sgraffito or Mishima projects. 



@pots.by.andrea uses our T8 for this Mishima technique.

Try DiamondCore® Trimming Tools for Yourself

DiamondCore® rimming Tools were created with artists like you in mind. We wanted to make it easy for you to trim away excess clay to uncover the clay project you envisioned. Give our trimming tools a try for yourself and see how your pottery-making process is instantly elevated. 

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If you have questions about DiamondCore® Trimming Tools or want to learn more about DiamondCore® Tools, we’re here to help! Leave a comment below, or reach out to our team for assistance.

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