DiamondCore Tools Core Creators - January 2021

Editor’s Note: We love seeing all the amazing things people create using our tools every month. Your work inspires us — and we think it’ll inspire others too! That’s why we started this blog series called Core Creators. We’ll be highlighting some of the stunning ceramic projects and designs created using our pottery tools that have caught our eye on social media and beyond. If you’d like your work considered in the coming months, leave a comment below or tag @diamondcoretools on Instagram! 

We’re well into the new year now and many of you have been creating some awesome projects  that we’re excited to highlight. From vibrant colors and crisp lines to nature-inspired mugs, get inspired with some of these amazing ceramic designs...

Woodland Animals

It was all about the woodland animals for @wanderandflux recently. She created some incredible animal-inspired mugs using our ceramic carving tools. The underglaze design really pops and we love the detailing on this fun squirrel mug.  


Vibrant pots

Wow! Check out the bold colors on these awesome pots. Diana Adams of @sample.haus used our ergonomic K2 U-Tip Clay Carving Tool to create the unique patterns. We love the crisp, clean lines. It really pulls this set together. Love it! 


Mountain Landscapes

Check out the detailing on this gorgeous mountain mug! Kathy (@kathyflres) used our PF1 Fine Point Clay Carving Tool to add a lot of depth and texture to this already awesome piece. The detailing really pops against the bright colors and makes this mug stand out. 


Bird Mugs

These beautiful bird mugs by Marissa Collins (@earthenrootspottery) make us feel like we’re spending a relaxing day birdwatching in the park. We especially love the detailing in the bark — added using DiamondCore’s ceramic carving tools. Amazing work, Marissa! 



How gorgeous is this clover? The detailing Meghan (@meghcallie) of Meghan Yarnell Ceramics added using our P1 Curved V-Tip Clay Carving Tool really brings this floral mug to life. It reminds us of enjoying warm spring days in the countryside. We love the purple too! 



Check out this fun star design from Jennifer Allara at @tatnicwoodspottery. Jennifer was free-handing the design and all those crisp, clean lines using our popular Diamond Stylus Tools. This mug is definitely one we want in our collection! 


Thanks to these amazing artists and all the others for sharing their work with us. This is only the beginning! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!  

Which of these designs stood out to you?
What are you creating right now? 
Sound off in the comments below or let us know on Facebook or Instagram

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