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NEW!! T Series Diamond Set 2

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With 12 stainless-steel blade shapes that feature a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the T Series Diamond Set 2 puts amazing possibilities at your fingertips. The T Series Diamond Set 2 features our T100 Series Extra-Small Trimming Tools, our T200 Series Extra-Large Trimming Tools, and our T300 Series Feature Trimming Tools. 

Add these unique and innovative trimming tools to your collection today!

Note: Diamond Sets that have been personalized with laser engraving are not considered to be in original, unused condition and are not eligible for refund.


  • Includes 12 tools: 1 of every extra-small, extra-large, and feature trimming tools
  • Each T100 Series tool in this set tool comes with two free spare blades
  • Each T200 Series tool in this set tool comes with one free spare blade
  • Diamond set comes with free 3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1
  • All tools are packed in multiple protective, environmentally friendly boxes
  • Protective boxes packed in 1 sleek, elegant gift box
  • Free personalized engraving on every tool
  • The gift box features a festive ribbon and blank notecard to add your message
  • Box size approximately 9 inches X 9 inches X 4 inches
  • The wood grain of tools may vary
  • The ribbon color on the gift box may vary


  • High-performance pottery wheel trimming
  • Shave off thin ribbons
  • Smooth transition from foot to pot
  • Also great for carving, shaving, sculpting, and scraping
  • Stainless steel blades never need sharpening
  • Blades are the same sharpness on both sides, right- or left-handed


  • Follow all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • DFP SET: A complete Diamond Set of every FP series fine-point tool
  • DPT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every P series carving tool
  • DRT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every R series handheld clay extruder 
  • DTT SET: A Diamond Set of our T1 through T12 trimming tools
  • DTT SET3: A Diamond Set of each T Series tool, T100 Series tool, T200 Series tool and T300 series tool

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