8” or 12” Sticky Pad - Pottery Gripping Pad

Blue Pottery Gripping Pad

8” or 12” Sticky Pad - Pottery Gripping Pad

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Our Sticky Pad is a must-have pottery tool for trimming greenware and low-profile pieces. The thick, rubbery material helps grip the piece and adds extra stability, making the trimming process easier and resulting in a better-finished product.


  • 8-inch (203.2 mm) or 12-inch (304.8 mm) diameter
  • 3/16-inch (4 mm) thick mat of rubberized material
  • Adheres to a smooth, dry, clean glossy bat or wheelhead
  • Grips greenware pieces for trimming
  • Draw centering rings on the surface using a ballpoint pen
  • Works best in conjunction with our Pottery Trimming Spinner


  • Keeps pieces stable on a banding wheel for detailing
  • Use it like a foam trim bat; trim without needing clay lumps
  • Designed for trimming dinnerware, greenware, and low-profile pieces
  • Ideal for working with clay that’s leather-hard or bone-dry
  • Can stabilize a piece of foam for a custom trimming chuck
  • Cuts down trimming time dramatically


    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep away from small children
    • Sticky Pads must be used dry only 
    • Keep a slight downward pressure on the piece
    • Do NOT use with tall, unstable, or out-of-balance pieces


    • S4: This Trimming Spinner stabilizes your piece and helps you make division hash marks


    • EXPL SET: Our 7-Piece Explorer Set includes the T1, P1, S1, S4, A2, SR and P1-2
    • TKSET1: The Trimming Tool Kit #1 includes the T2, T3, a sticky bat and trimming spinner
    • TKSET2: The Trimming Tool Kit #2 includes the T1, T4, a sticky bat and trimming spinner
    • TKSET3: This Trimming Tool Kit #3 includes the T5, T6, T7 and a sticky bat
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