A T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool, P1 Curved V Tip Carver, StickyPad, Trimming Spinner, Diamond Pad, and Shrink Ruler

Starter Pottery Tool Set (T1, P1, S1, S4, B8, SR, P1-2; $195 when purchased separately)

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Please see the DiamondCore Explorer Pottery Carver Set!

Don’t miss this LIMITED TIME offer on some of our most popular pottery tools bundled together in our handy Starter Pottery Set! This set includes a wide variety of essential ceramic tools, including:

  • T1 Half Dome Trimming Tool w/ Paddle Handle
  • P1 Curved V Tip Carving Tool
  • Sticky Pad 
  • Trimming Spinner
  • Flexible Diamond Pad with Square Corners,
  • Shrink Ruler (Double Sided)

These great tools are essential for any ceramic artist’s collection. Sold separately, the retail price is $176. Save money by bundling them together in our handy Starter Kit for only $149! You can learn more about each of these tools below.