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Diamond Rubber Polisher Bullet Set (9 piece set)

4.0 oz

Want a perfect-looking final piece? Our 9-piece Diamond Polisher Bullet Set is ideal for polishing and buffing out scratches and other imperfections out of glaze and glass. This set comes with three different shapes and three different grits (medium, fine, and extra-fine), making it perfect for any polishing projecting. Plus, the diamond grit is stronger and more effective than sandpaper. This set is definitely one you’ll want in your collection!


  • Diamond polishing rotary tool made of extra strong solid diamond grit
  • Set includes nine different pieces
  • Includes three different shapes for various projects with three different grits in each shape.
  • Includes medium (black), fine (green), and extra fine (cream) diamond grits
  • 2.3 mm diameter shaft


  • Ideal for polishing to improve the look of glaze or glass 
  • Remove or reduce scratches


  • Rapidly polishes out scratches of scars for a better-looking final product
  • Nine-piece rotary tool set includes a variety of shapes and diamond grits to tackle any project


  • May require a collet (See "Dremel Collet Set") 
  • Follow all safety precautions when using these polishing tools
  • Use a cordless rotary tool to avoid water getting tool motor
  • Over-grinding sharp surfaces can cause premature wear 
  • Keep out of the reach of children 


  • It is best to first grind off the glaze drip with a DiamondCore Rotary Tool, then sand down the scar with the finest available Diamond sandpaper (800 grit preferred), then start with the most coarse polishing bullet, then moving to the finer polishing bullet, then finishing with the finest bullet. 
  • Do not expect to get the same sheen as when the glaze was kiln-fired. 
  • The more minerals and powdered coloring elements there are in the glaze the less likely to get a high-gloss finish.

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