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DiamondCore Savvy Pottery Tool Set (T3, L2, P9, P9-2, S11 WTM, FB14; $220 when purchased separately)

3.75 lb

We've bundled some of our favorite essential ceramic tools into this amazing set! The DiamondCore Tools Savvy Pottery Tool Set is the natural progression from the Explorer Set. It includes:

  • T3 Slanted Square Clay Trimming Tool w/ Square Tip Handle
  • L2 Diamond Sgraffito Stylus with .7mm Ball and 2.5mm Crown Tips
  • P9 Slim Reach 4mm U Tip Pottery Carver
  • Spare Blades for the P9 Pottery Carver
  • 7.5" Square Sticky Pottery Bat- Watermelon Colors
  • 14" Foam Pottery Trimming Bat

The addition of the U tipped P9, slanted square T3, and L2 sgraffito tool enable the artist to expand their capability across new techniques and styles of work. To complement the new hand tools, the Square Sticky Bat and Foam Bat provide two ways to speed up your trimming process depending on the size and shape of your piece. Sold separately, the retail price is $220. Save money by bundling them together in our Savvy Set for only $189! You can learn more about each of these tools below.