Make Every Piece Perfect

Our Handheld Clay Extruders are designed for ease and consistency, allowing you to effortlessly create uniform ceramic handles, feet, and other additions - every time.

What are
Handheld Clay Extruders?

Our DiamondCore® Tools handheld clay extruders are ceramic tools that allow you to quickly and easily create consistent, uniform feet and handles for your ceramic projects, saving time and reducing manual effort.

The adjustable depth ski, sleek wooden handle, and advanced blade technology make this an ideal tool for potters who create dishes, plates, platters, pitchers, mugs, and other vessels. Run your handheld clay extruder through the slab of clay, cut it to length, and attach it to your clay project.

Why the DiamondCore® Tools Team Made our Best-Selling Clay Extruders

At DiamondCore® Tools, we wanted to make it easy for potters to make handles and feet. We saw and experienced how challenging and time-consuming this process can be. Creating a repeatable shape — let alone any details or decorative profiles — add to that time.

Initially, our clay extruders started as a simple foot-making tool for hand-building applications, but they quickly became a way to make intricate profiles with minimal setup and cleanup.

What sets Our Handheld Clay Extruders Apart From the Competition

Most clay extruders on the market require dedicated wall space for a mount, and you must purchase additional die shapes for different sizes of extrusions. Don’t even get us started on the hand and arm fatigue as you squeeze the handle to push the clay out! These traditional extruders also require time to refill then clean after each use.

Common Hand-Pulling Problems

  • Time-consuming
  • Requires skill that takes time to perfect
  • Consistency is hard to achieve
  • No unique shapes
  • Can cause hand fatigue

Common Wall-Mounted Extruder Problems

  • Expensive
  • Takes up wall space
  • Setup takes time
  • Cleanup is cumbersome
  • You can't vary the depth of your extrusions


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DiamondCore® Handheld Clay Extruders are Consistent and Easy to Use

DiamondCore® Handheld Clay Extruders are adjustable and create clean and consistent feet and handles every time – an entirely new concept for the pottery industry! With our handheld clay extruders, you avoid hand-pulling, which requires consistency with each pull. As a bonus, cleanup is practically non-existent since you use our handheld extruders directly off a clay bag!

Take your pottery tool collection to the next level with handheld clay extruders designed with you in mind.

Key Benefits of Handheld Clay Extruders

  • Quickly create handles and feet for slab-built pieces
  • Consistent handle and foot shape every time
  • Adjust thickness of the handle or foot as desired
  • Avoid handle pulling
  • Glides through a variety of clay types
  • Stainless steel blade doesn’t need sharpening
  • Minimal clay debris and crumbs to clean up as you work

Handheld Clay Extruder Tips and Tricks

  • Use DiamondCore® Tool’s Handheld Clay Extruders for foot and handle making when the clay is not extremely wet or sticky.
  • Keep the tool’s blade dry and clean of debris.
  • Pull the extruder through the clay at a low angle. This will help separate the extrusion from the slab and makes it easy to remove; while also compressing the inner face, giving the surface a smooth and clean finish.


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Works Well

"So happy with my first order from DiamondCore Tools. Order process smooth with timely delivery. It works like a charm. Lots of handles in minimal time -now everything needs a handle! Traditional, strap handle, etc. lol Gives your handles a great professional appearance. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Adruenne

Cool Idea

"This clay extruder is such a cool idea! Not only can I make a handle so much more easily than the traditional way, but I also use this tool to create decorative ribbons on my work. If you get creative with it it doesn't just have to be used for making handles! It also cuts through the clay so satisfyingly easily."

- Jessica

R Series Diamond Set

"First I was apprehensive about the price. Decided to treat myself and purchased set. I cannot adequately express the quality and durability I've found this set to be. The extruder hand tools are easy to use cutting almost leather-dry clay. Quicker than setting up and filling any vertical extruder. I would suggest these extruder hand tools for both individual and small production pottery."

- James