PF5 Fine Point U Tip 5mm dia. X 1mm Pottery Tool
PF5 FINE POINT U Tip Zebrawood Pencil Carver Blade
PF5 FINE POINT U Tip 5mm dia. X 1mm

PF5 FINE POINT U Tip 5mm dia. X 1mm

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    5mm dia."U" Tip x 1mm wide straight blade
    Zebrawood pencil carver for finer work
    For creating, clean detail 3mm grooves

    • Far superior to traditional "Sgraffito wire" tools
    • Creating shallow detail
    • For getting right up next to the edge
    • Designed for fine sgraffito 
    • Mishima, sculpting, scraping 

   • Leave little to no burs or debris
   • Can carve leather-hard clay
   • Adjustable blade angle
   • 5.5" long pencil-type handle
   • Comfortable foam grip reduces fatigue
   • Beautiful hardwood built-in stylus
   • Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening
   • Currently comes with one free spare blade
   • Spare blade sets are available for purchase

   • Use all appropriate safety precautions
   • Keep out of the reach of children
   • Woodgrain and foam grip colors may vary

Made in the USA