4-piece clay carving tool set
Clay carving tools with uniquely shaped tips
The P4 teardrop fluting tool, P8V curved V tip palm carver, K2 curved U tip carver, and L3 diamond stylus
Four different clay carving and stylus tools available in a set
4-Piece Exotic Tool Set (P4, P8V, K2, L3)

4-Piece Exotic Tool Set (P4, P8V, K2, L3)

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LIMITED TIME OFFER   This set of tools is being offered for artists who want to expand their carving tool assortment and try out some of the more unusual unique tools we offer.

These 4 tools are all very popular individually and are being offered at a discount when purchased together.

P4 has the most unique blade, creating a shallow yet wide "fluting" carve grooves.

P8V has our popular V tip blade but on a shorter foam-grip covered handle and offers more maneuverability and quicker turning carving capability.

K2 has our standard 6mm U tip blade, but is attached to our specialized K handle which is ideal for artists desiring to make rapid repetitive carving strokes and greatly minimize muscle strain and fatigue.

L3 is the double football shaped Diamond Stylus Tool designed for freehand sgraffito on more dry clay.


Made in the USA