3-piece starter’s clay carving set
Three different clay carving tools
Set of 3 clay carving tools
Three carving tool set for beginners
Clay carving tools with a V tip, U tip, and square tip
3-Piece Starter's Carving Set  (P1, P2, P5)

3-Piece Starter's Carving Set (P1, P2, P5)

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This set includes: P1 V Tip, P2 U Tip, and P5 Square Tip. LIMITED TIME OFFER!

This assortment is intended for artists wanting to try out how different our carving tools are from other industry tools.

Cleaner lines, more crisp edges, carve faster, carve deeper, less fatigue, less drag, carve on leather-hard or bone dry clay, for both sgraffito or carving, scraping, relief carving, adjustable blade angle, replaceable blades, built-in stylus, comfortable foam grip, and more. 

Blades are stainless steel and never need sharpening

Made in the USA