StickyPad - Gripping Pad

StickyPad - Gripping Pad

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    8" or 12" dia. 3/16" thick mat of rubberized material
    Grips greenware pieces for trimming    
    Draw centering rings on the surface using a ballpoint pen
    Adheres to a smooth, dry, clean glossy bat or wheel head

    • Use it like a foam trim bat
    • Keeps pieces stable on banding wheel for detailing
    • Designed for trimming low-profile pieces
    • Good for working with bisque, leather-hard or bone dry
    • Can stabilize a piece of foam for a custom trimming chuck
    • AKA:  Sticky Mat or Sticky Pad

    • Ideal for trimming dinnerware and low profile pieces
    • Trim without needing clay lumps
    • Makes tap-centering unnecessary
    • Saves on trimming time 
    • Prevents clay residue on trimmed piece from lumps
    • Allows the thickness to be checked easily
    • Centering rings can be washed off with soapy water
    • Works best in conjunction with our Trimming Spinner  

   • Use all appropriate safety precautions
   • Do not use with water. StickyPads must be used dry only. 
   • Slight downward pressure must be kept on the piece
   • Do NOT use with tall, unstable, or out-of-balance pieces
   • Keep out of the reach of children

Made in the USA