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14" Sticky Bat
14" Sticky Bat

14" Sticky Bat

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    14 " dia. bat covered with rubberized material
    Grips greenware pieces for trimming   
    Ribbed plastic bat with  both 9" and 10" bat pin spacing 

    Use it like a foam trim bat
    Designed for trimming low-profile pieces
    Can stabilize a piece of foam for a custom trimming chuck
    Draw centering rings on the surface using a ballpoint pen

    Ideal for trimming dinnerware and low profile pieces
    Trim without needing clay lumps
     Makes tap-centering unnecessary
     Saves on trimming time 
     Prevents clay residue on trimmed piece from lumps
     Allows the thickness to be checked easily
     Centering rings can be washed off with soapy water
     Works best in conjunction with our Trimming Spinner  

    Use all appropriate safety precautions
    Do not use with water. StickyBats must be used dry only. 
    Slight downward pressure must be kept on the piece
    Do NOT use with tall, unstable, or out of balance pieces
    Keep out of the reach of children

Made in USA