Adjustable Arc Shaver

Adjustable Arc Shaver

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Shaping and sculpting is so much easier for potters or handbuilders with this unique tool.  It removes clay like a sureform shaver, but it is made of ultra sharp sheet stainless steel, so it doesn't clog up or need sharpening.  With a 1/4 turn of the exotic hardwood knob the blade arc can be adjusted.  The shaver blade is 1.7" wide x 2.25" long. 

Sharper      Less Clogging      Easier Cleaning      No Sharpening     Shavings Exit Easier

Only available while supplies last.                  Made in USA.

Use all appropriate safety precautions.  Keep out of the reach of children.



Kevin ....Fantastic work with the Adjustable Arc Shaver! ... by @kowalskipottery

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