Small Diamond Hole Drill Set (6mm & 15mm) – DiamondCore Tools
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Small Diamond Hole Drills Set

4.0 oz
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This Small Diamond Hole Drill Set comes with 6 mm- and 15 mm-diameter hole drills. These diamond drills are perfect for making holes in bisque or high-fired ceramic, tile or glass.


  • Diamond hole drills
  • Sizes: 6 mm and 15 mm diameters


  • Create holes in bisque or high-fired ceramic, tile or glass
  • Drill holes for plugs, hanging pieces, a drain hole for a plant
  • Make holes for fountains, sink basins, fittings, fixtures, etc.


  • Create a hole after final high temp firing
  • No need to calculate shrinkage to get the desired size
  • Long lifespan if used properly with water
  • Dust is controlled with water use
  • Shaft size for normal household 3/8" cordless drill
  • As the tool wears, a new layer of diamonds is exposed
  • Much longer lasting than diamond edge hole drills


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Always use safety goggles
  • Always check to remove core after each drilling
  • Make certain that debris does not get into moist clay
  • Always use water to maximize tool life and control dust
  • Use normal cordless drill and avoid getting water in drill
  • Do not attempt to force or pry with this tool
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Note: Keep the diamond section of the drill bathed in water while drilling. Start at a slight angle to get started, then tilt upright and use light pressure and a gentle rotation motion. “Let the diamonds do the work.” For longevity, use water, high speed and gentle pressure. Overheating the tool will decrease tool lifespan and alter the tool shape.