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NEW!! X Series Diamond Set

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Few things in life are sweeter than carving into a fresh jar of peanut butter, but now you can carve the same smooth, creamy lines into all your ceramics with our new fluting tools! The latest collection of clay carving products from DiamondCore® Tools, the X Series features nine fluting tools with blades that create a variety of convex gradients within the carved sidewalls. Now, you can have every fresh tool in this collection with our Fluting Tools Diamond Set.

These thin, stainless-steel blades flex with pressure, allowing you to control the exact depth and width of a line that each tool’s opening can accommodate. Their unique design makes every line as unique as the artist who carves it. Plus, each Diamond Set comes with free tool engraving and a printed card that you can add your own sentiments to.

From the now classic X1 to the innovative curves of the X9, these tools are destined to become satisfying staple of your ceramic work.

NEW FOR 2023!! The X Series Diamond Set now includes our new fluting tools: X7, X8 and X9!


  • Includes 9 fluting pottery tools: 1 of every tool in our X series of carving tools
  • Comes with 3-Piece Finger Brush Set 1
  • All tools packed in multiple, protective, environmentally friendly boxes
  • Protective boxes packed in 1 sleek, elegant gift box
  • Free personalized engraving on every pottery tool
  • Gift box features a festive ribbon and blank notecard to add your message
  • Box size approximately 9 inches X 9 inches X 4 inches
  • Wood grain of tools may vary
  • Ribbon color on gift box may vary 


  • Variety of X series fluting tools can carve deep or shallow shapes
  • Sculpting, scraping and more
  • Stainless-steel blades never dull and resist rust
  • Sharp tools increase efficiency, leave little debris
  • Each X tools comes with a spare blade
  • Additional blades available for purchase 
  • Stylish box is perfect for gift-giving or organizing 


  • DFP SET: A  complete Diamond Set of every FP series fine-point tool
  • DPT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every P series carving tool
  • DRT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every R series handheld clay extruder
  • DTT SET: A complete Diamond Set of every T series trimming tool 


  • Not for use on bone dry clay
  • Follow all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children 

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