Pottery Wood Rib 75 mm - DiamondCore Tools
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NEW!! Wood Rib 75 mm

1.6 oz

At last, DiamondCore® Tools has created its version of one of the most essential tools for potters: the wood rib. Our wood ribs are designed like a natural extension of the hand, giving your work a unique suppleness and strength. With this deceptively simple tool, your ceramic creations can take on new and elaborate shapes.

Our Wood Rib 75 mm is the “just right” tool for your wheel-throwing needs. Guide the rounded end up the wall of your piece to pull your vessel upward. The flat, tapered end can be used to smooth walls and remove material from the outside of your piece, and the concave back side helps create large, gentle curves better than a flat rib. While the comfortable size sits nicely between your thumb and fingers, the novel, diamond-grid design makes it easy to hold from any angle.


  • Beautifully oiled, carved wood rib
  • Approximately 75 mm wide, 85 mm long, 13 mm deep
  • Laser-engraved DiamondCore Tools logo on front
  • Laser-engraved diamond-grid design on back
  • Coated with thin, smooth layer of wax
  • Smooth surfaces easily glide over wet clay
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Opening the clay on the wheel after centering
  • Shaping and stabilizing wheel-thrown ceramics
  • Removing excess clay from piece
  • Unique profile helps transition from flat to curved surfaces
  • Smooth surfaces easily glide over wet clay
  • Laser-engraved design enhances grip when wet
  • Wax coating protects wood when wet, preventing swelling or other damage
  • Laser-engraved designs enhance grip surface when wet
  • Tapered side provides scrapping edge for clearing surfaces


  • Don’t let the wood rib soak in water for long periods
  • Occasionally apply wood oil to maintain water-repellant surface



  • WR SET1: Wood rib set including our 50, 75 and 100 mm ribs
  • WR SET2: Wood rib set including our 50 and 75 mm ribs
  • WR SET3: Wood rib set including our 75 and 100 mm ribs
  • WR SET4: Wood rib set including our 50 and 100 mm ribs
  • MRIB SET1: Metal rib set including our small, large and arc-carving ribs
  • RIB SET1: Mixed rib set including our Wood Rib Set 1 and Metal Rib Set 1
  • RIB SET2: Mixed rib set including our 50 mm wood rib and small metal rib
  • RIB SET3: Mixed rib set including our 100 mm wood rib and large metal rib
  • ACC1: Accessory set including every wood rib, metal rib, finger brush, trimming spinner, a shrink ruler and a microfiber towel


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children