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NEW!! Rib Set 3

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Ceramic artists count ribs as some of the most essential tools in their workspace. Smoothing, scoring, shaping, cutting, carving — our DiamondCore ribs do it all! Whether you’re just starting your pottery journey or you’re a seasoned ceramics veteran, ribs are the little tools you can’t live without. Now you can find an amazing mix of wood and metal ribs in one place!

The DiamondCore® Rib Set 3 includes: 

  • Wood Rib 100 mm
  • Large Metal Rib

If purchased separately, these tools would cost $42. Save money by bundling them and get this set for $38! Learn more about each of these tools below. 

Wood Rib 100 mm

  • Beautifully oiled, hardwood rib (wood grain may vary)
  • Approximately 100 mm wide, 110 mm long, 13 mm deep
  • Perfect for elongating a vessel, removing excess material
  • Laser engraving on both sides improves grip in wet conditions

    Large Metal Rib

    • Wide, stainless steel, isosceles triangle metal rib
    • 16.1 cm width, 6 cm height (~6.3 by 2.6 inches)
    • Scoring section, curved corners, inset center holes, 10-cm cutouts
    • Diamond logo cutout improves grip



    • WR SET1: Wood rib set including our 50, 75 and 100 mm ribs
    • WR SET2: Wood rib set including our 50 and 75 mm ribs
    • WR SET3: Wood rib set including our 75 and 100 mm ribs
    • WR SET4: Wood rib set including our 50 and 100 mm ribs
    • MRIB SET1: Metal rib set including our small, large and arc-carving ribs
    • RIB SET1: Mixed rib set including our Wood Rib Set 1 and Metal Rib Set 1
    • RIB SET2: Mixed rib set including our 50 mm wood rib and small metal rib
    • ACC1: Accessory set including every wood rib, metal rib, finger brush, trimming spinner, a shrink ruler and a microfiber towel


    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children