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DiamondCore Elevation Pottery Tool Set (T8, P12, P20, P12-2, P20-2, F13, M4; $263 when purchased separately)

3.75 lb

The Elevation Pottery Tool Set offers a top-level assortment of pottery tools to take you to new heights! This 7 piece set includes well-rounded variety of ceramic tools, that you're going to love:

  • T8 Wedge Clay Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle 
  • P12 Straight V Tip Carver
  • P20 Curved Square Tip 1mm Carver
  • Spare Blades for P12
  • Spare Blades for P20
  • F13 8" Diamond Grinding Disc on 12" Bat - 120 Grit
  • M4 400 Grit Diamond Sandpaper

These great tools will take any ceramic artist to the next level. Use the T8 Wedge and F13 for the heavy lifting work, then switch to the P20, P12, and M4 to add meticulous and fine details with ease. Sold separately, the retail price is $263. Save money by bundling them together in our Elevation Set for only $239! You can learn more about each of these tools below.