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NEW! Diamond Cut-Off Wheel w/ Mandrel (6 piece set)

5.0 oz
Looking for the perfect ceramic rotary tools for pottery to remove sharp edges, drips and smoothing your final product? DiamondCore Tools has your back! 
    50mm (2")  Diamond cutoff wheels (5 wheels, 1 mandrel)
    1mm thick metal plate with diamonds fused on both sides
    3mm Diameter shaft on mandrel for rotary tool or Dremel
    great for removing unwanted chunks or drips.
    • Remove high-fired glaze drips or high-fired ceramic 
    • Grinding tile, stone or glass 
    • Cut off kiln shelf chunks
    • Grind a chipped pot
     • Long lifespan if used properly with water
     • Dust is controlled with water use
     • Coarse grit size for fast work

     • Use all appropriate safety precautions
     • Always use safety goggles
     • Be certain that debris does not get into moist, usable clay
     • Carefully clean splash pans to remove all sharp debris
     • Always use with water to maximize tool life & control dust
     • Do not attempt to force grinding
     • Take care to avoid skin removal
     • Keep out of the reach of children

*Technique Note: Always use water, high speed  and gentle pressure.... "Let the diamonds do the work."    (overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan)