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4-Piece Curved Blade Square Tip Set (P20, P15, P7, P23; $148 when purchased separately)

4.0 oz

Looking for a great deal? Look no further! This ceramic carving tool set features four great square tip carving tools. The curved blades are perfect for carving deep grooves and navigating tight corners. In this limited-time bundle, you’ll get:

  • A P20 Curved Square Tip 1mm Carver
  • A P15 Curved Square Tip 3mm Carver
  • A P7 Curved Square Tip 6mm Carver
  • A P23 Curved Square Tip 12mm Carver

With these four popular tools, you see how DiamondCore’s products stand above others in the industry. Our advanced blade technology never dulls and creates clean lines, crisp edges, and an efficient carving experience every time. If purchased separately, these tools would cost more than $148. By bundling together, you save money and get them for only $139! It’s a real deal for these ergonomic and innovative carving tools. Learn more about the tools below.