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10 Must-Have Ceramics & Pottery Tools

10 Must-Have Ceramics & Pottery Tools

Is there anything better than trying out a new pottery sculpting tool or mastering a ceramic sculpting technique you’ve never tried before? Ceramics are all about expanding your skills, showing off your creativity, and creating something truly beautiful and unique. If you already have all the basic tools and you’re ready to shake things up, we’ve got some specialty ceramic sculpting tools that you’re really going to love.  

Our Favorite Pottery Tools

1. P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool

This teardrop fluting pottery tool with a 6-mm diameter stainless-steel blade with a "U" shaped tip creates shallow, yet wide, flute grooves. It’s perfect for creating smooth grooves with clean, rounded edges, resulting in a really interesting pottery sculpting design you’ll love. See it in action... 


2. P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver

The P8V Curved V Tip Palm Carver features our popular V-tip blade on a shorter (3.5-inch/88-mm) handle. This pottery tool's short handle is covered in foam for increased comfort during ceramic sculpting and offers increased maneuverability and quicker turning carving capabilities. The sharp, stainless-steel blade creates crisp V grooves and leaves little to no burs or debris during pottery sculpting! Check it out...


3. K2 Curved U Tip 6-mm Carver

You’ll love this "U" Tip 6-mm Curved Clay Carver with a stainless-steel pottery sculpting blade. It has a unique ergonomic handle shape that is great for making thousands of repetitive strokes and reduces fatigue. By placing the thumb behind the pottery tool blade and fingers on the back end of the handle, you can carve away from yourself, or grip the sides when pulling toward yourself. 


4, L3 Diamond Stylus Tool 

The L3 Diamond Stylus Tool features diamond sgraffito tips on both ends — a small football-shaped tip on one end and a large football-shaped tip on the other. This unique pottery sculpting tool is perfect for freehand carving, sgraffito detailing on dry clay, and cleaning up bisque lines and grooves.


All of these great pottery tools above are bundled together at a discounted price in our special 4-Piece Exotic Clay Carving Tool Set for a limited time. 

5. Pottery Trimming Spinner

This genius little ceramic sculpting tool helps you stabilize your piece and disperses downward pressure, which helps keep thin-walled pottery pieces from collapsing. The colored lines on the Trimming Spinner also make convenient division hash marks! It is the perfect pottery sculpting partner to our Sticky Bats and Sticky Pads too!

6. Shrink Ruler (Double-Sided)

The handy Shrink Ruler from DiamondCore® Tools is one of our favorite specialty pottery sculpting items! It’s an innovative way to measure how much your clay will shrink. The two-sided, flexible ruler has four clay shrinkage percentages to aid in matching lids to bowls and other projects where an exact match is crucial. It’ll help make the perfect lids for casserole dishes, cookie jars, and other creations.

Shrink Ruler from DiamondCore Tools

7. THE CINK - Portable Clay & Water Filtering Recycling System

No more clogged sinks or plumbing issues! THE CINK is an innovative clay and water filtration solution for all ceramic artists. Easily rinse your ceramic tools, sponges, splash pans, buckets, and more without worrying about damaging your plumbing system. THE CINK doesn’t require a water source, and it’s portable, so it a great fit for any ceramics studio, classroom, or home set-up. It’s perfect for any ceramic artist who is sick of dealing with messy clean-up and clay-clogged pipes (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much all of us). 

8. T8 Wedge Clay Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle

The T8 Wedge Clay Trimming Tool is the perfect pottery sculpting tool when flat and smooth trimming is needed. It provides a seamless transition from curves to corner cuts. With this tool, you can quickly shave off large, thin ribbons and then seamlessly transition to the rim at the bottom of the pot. It’s one of our newest pottery tools that you’re sure to love! 

T8 Wedge Trimming Tool w/ Flat Head Handle from DiamondCore Tools

9. T5 Torch Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Talon Handle

The T5 Torch Pottery Trimming Tool is certain to be a great addition to any pottery sculpting toolset. The angled tip blade is perfect for adding small features and blending them seamlessly into your piece. You can easily transition from curved round to corner cuts! Plus, the beautiful talon-shaped handle tip provides a bonus sculpting tool!

T5 Torch Pottery Trimming Tool w/ Talon Handle

10. T7 Avocado Pottery Trimming Tool

Our new T7 Avocado Ceramics Trimming Tool is quickly becoming a favorite among our staff and customers! The avocado-shaped stainless-steel blade is perfect for rounding out bowls and other curvy pieces. You can seamlessly transition from curved areas to corner cuts. Plus, the flat round-shaped handle makes for a bonus sculpting tool. 

T7 Avocado Pottery Trimming Tool w Flat Round Handle

Find the Perfect Pottery Sculpting Tool

While these are some of our favorite and most distinctive ceramic sculpting tools, it's only the beginning. Don’t miss our full selection of carving tools, trimming tools, sgraffito tools, and so much more!  

Our knowledgeable team is always here to help you find the best tool for any ceramic project. If you have any questions about the tools above or just want to brainstorm ideas, leave a comment below, or contact us

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